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My Favorite Things

I’ve been wanting to share more about myself here and though I would start doing posts about my favorite things.  I figured my first post should start with my favorite thing ever.  Books.  I LOVE BOOKS!  Any kind of book, I’m not really particular.  I devour them, going through multiple books every week.  I love learning, or just reading a good story (happy endings are the best.)  I’ve always dreamed of one day having a library in my house. Like the one in Beauty & the Beast.  Despite the popularity of the Kindle I haven’t gone digital yet.  I still love the feel of paper in my hand and if it is an old book (a really old book with leather cover and a sense of history) I’m really in love.

The other day I discovered that Strand (a HUGE used book store in NYC) has this thing called “Books by the foot” where you can buy, well, books by the foot.  But what is so awesome about this is that you can request the type of book such as “English Language Antique Leather Books” or “Foreign Language Antique Leather (Rustic finish)” or “Victorian Era Books.”  Isn’t that the coolest thing?  I normally like to choose my books myself, but these books just look so pretty I can’t resist.  They also offer books by the foot in different categories like cookbooks, poetry and biographies.  What a great idea for a present if you aren’t sure what books to choose.  Just let Strand do it for you.

And because all posts should have a photo here is a picture of a some old books at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I would love that little treasure chest.  Can you imagine?  It was too far away, and too dark, for me to see what books they are but I bet I’d love them.

Books at the Met

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