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Adopt a Kitten!

Two weeks ago I found a stray mama kitty and her three tiny kittens on a morning walk in Brooklyn.  Since I’ve never been able to resist a kitty, let alone three very cute baby kitties I caught them and took them all home with me.  Under all the dirt I was very happy to discover 4 very sweet and healthy (I took them to the vet to be sure) kitties.  Since I am constantly traveling out of town for weddings I can’t keep a cat right now so I’m looking for good homes for these sweet kitties.  It looks like I’ve got a home for mama and one for Tiger (the striped one) but I still need homes for Cali (white girl kitten) and Mowgli (black/orange/white girl kitten.)  If anyone is interested in adopting a kitty please e-mail me.  And if you can share this with everyone you know that would be a big help.  Cali is a total sweetheart.  She has the sweetest temperament, never gets mad.  She also has beautiful blue eyes.  The other kitties lost their baby blues, but it looks like Cali will keep hers.  Mowgli is jungle kitty.  She loves to climb things.  Anything.  If you take this kitty get a cat post/tree and she will be so happy.  She is beautiful and feisty and snuggles when she is tired.  Pretty much exactly what you expect a kitten to be.  Here are some photos of all my kitties so you can see how much you want one.  And really you want one, because there is nothing better than a kitten.

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  • January 31, 2012 - 5:20 pm

    Anna - Awww I love Kittehz! I haz two 🙂

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