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January Goals

It’s 2013!  Can you believe it?  Time seems to fly these days.  2012 was an amazing year and I’m so ready for 2013 to be even better (if such a thing is possible.)  I’ve got some wonderful weddings this year and a yard that I can plant things in now (instead of just trying to get rid of all the trash and weeds.)  So in the spirit of new year’s resolutions here are mine for January:

Business Goals:

  • Blog regularly!  I have such a hard time with this because I never know what to talk about.  But it is my goal this month to blog more often so that there is always something for you to read and see.  Are there any topics you’d love me to cover?  Just ask and I’ll add it!
  • Create a “Welcome packet” for my brides.  I’ve been working on this a little but I want to put together a fun informative packet for my brides that will help them plan their wedding.
  • Learn a ton of things and have fun at Mystic Seminars.  I like to spend my quiet winter months learning as much as I can so that I can be an even better photographer for the upcoming year.  This month I’m heading off to Mystic Seminars in Connecticut where I get to hang out with some of the best photographers in the world for a week of intense learning and fun.  I can’t wait!
  • Photograph a styled shoot.  There is one in the works… and I can’t wait to get it all together and show you!

Personal Goals:

  • Plan out my garden.  I’m so excited that I’m planting a huge veggie garden this year!  But before I can plant it I have to put in the raised beds and irrigation system we are doing.  So I have to plan what I want and where I want it.  If I can get that all done then we can get the beds in the ground and full of dirt and ready for all my little plants in the spring.  
  • Keep a happy things journal.  I’ve decided that this year I want to keep a little notebook where I can just write down happy things that happen.  Nothing huge, like a journal or diary, but little brief sentences like “Ryan and I went to the orchard and had a wonderful day stuffing ourselves with fresh raspberries!”  Then at the end of the year I will be able to look back and see all the wonderful things that happened.  I think it will be a great tradition.
  • Get back to eating my vegetables!  I’ve been horrible through the holiday season and I know that realistically I won’t do this until the end of January when our CSA starts up again and I’m back from Mystic Seminars (where I am limited to whatever food is in the hotel.)  But I still really want to get back to the healthy eating we were doing all summer and fall.
  • Do more Yoga!  I’m really bad at it, but it is good for me and I’d love to get into the habit of doing it.  2 times a week if I can manage it!

Phew.  Thats a bunch, but I think it’s a great start to a wonderful year.  I’m so excited!  What are your goals for 2013?  Write them down and go make them happen!

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  • January 3, 2013 - 4:48 pm

    Alexis DePersia-Norelli - Blog topics… maybe you could do a series on “different types of shots.” Like there are all the cool close up things wedding photographers do with rings, flowers, table decor, and other cool and unique details that brides and grooms put lots of thought into and then you get to capture in an awesome photo. And then there’s also all the different couple shots – close up, back lit, big wide ones with cool backgrounds. Stuff like that maybe? Or if there’s one part of a wedding that is your favorite thing, like if it was flower girls or something (lol) then you could do flower girl of the month. Just thoughts to help you with your goals 🙂

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