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Technically you aren’t supposed to plant things until after the average last frost date.  Down here in VA that is around Mother’s Day in May.  That is way too long to wait before planting veggies!  I want to actually eat some this summer 🙂  So to combat the cold my husband built me a little deck greenhouse so I can start my seeds earlier than May.  Most people who start seeds start them inside, in either a south facing window or under grow lights, but we don’t have any south facing windows, and we don’t have a space big enough to put in grow lights.  Plus if you do it that way you have the added step of having to “harden” off your plants (or get them adjusted to the cold) before you can plant them.  I plan on skipping that part by starting them off outside.  I would have bought a little greenhouse and I found one I liked in the Gardener’s Supply Company catalogue, but it was just barely too small.  If it had been built an inch or two longer it would fit 4 flats of seeds, but the way it was built I could only get two in.  So we decided to make one.  No, we didn’t use any plans, we just made it up as we went along.  It looks great, fits where I wanted it, and fits all 4 trays inside.  I love it!  I haven’t planted anything yet.  This week I’ve been testing it to see how hot and cold it gets.  I bought a thermometer that has a sensor I can put outside but it tells me the temperature on a screen inside.  So I can keep an eye on the temperature inside the greenhouse without having to open it up and let in the cold air.  During the day if the sun is shining it gets really hot!  I’ve seen it get up to the upper 80s already this week.  But at night when the sun goes down the temperature drops.  It’s been in the 20s in the greenhouse, which will kill anything I’m trying to grow.  So I put a heat mat in under the planter trays.  So far with that on the temperature in the greenhouse hasn’t dropped below freezing.  I think I will try to plant some seeds in it this weekend!  It is going to be so exciting!

Obviously the photo of the greenhouse was taken yesterday… since right now it is covered in snow.  Or rather, a snow/slush mixture.  The daffodil photo was from yesterday too.  I was expecting them to bloom any day.  Hopefully the snow won’t hurt them.

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