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March Goals

March is here!?!  Wow, when did that happen?  I guess it is because February is so short.  So now I am ready for spring.  The garden is coming along and my daffodils will bloom any day.  Except that the weather people are calling for a ton of snow this week.  What?  Goes to show you I have no idea what season it is right now.

So what did I get done this month?

Business Goals (February):

  • Photograph a styled shoot and submit it for publication.  Yep!  It was a lovely shoot, and I already submitted it and had it picked up for publication.  I will let everyone know as soon as I have a date!
  • Create a welcome packet for my brides.  Still not done yet.  This might be a year long goal.
  • Create a once a month workday.  Yes!  It’s great… and today is the day to get it all done.
  • Keep blogging regularly (and add a weekly garden post.)  Done!  And I love the new garden posts.  It’s so much fun to share my hobby with everyone!

Personal Goals (February):

  • Eat more veggies and less pizza.  Mission accomplished!  I ate more veggies and less pizza (that doesn’t mean no pizza though.)
  • Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day.  Not sure I did this every singe day, but most of the time.
  • Get my shed sided.  OMG yes I did!  And it is so nice now.  I also had the supports fixed on the sagging side and now the doors shut and everything.  It’s pretty awesome.  If you missed it, check out this post with before and after photos of my shed.
  • Put the raised garden beds in the ground and fill with dirt.  Well… almost all of the beds are in the ground now.  There is still one left to go in (there are stumps that have to be removed first) and one left to build.  Of them all, 3 of the cold frames and 5 of the raised beds are now full of dirt.  So it is getting close to done.  But man that is a lot of dirt to move!
  • Choose a color and paint the kitchen.  I didn’t paint the kitchen.  But we did paint the bedroom and it is so much nicer now!
  • Stick to Fab Ab February.  Yep.  But there was no way I made it to a full 100 sit-ups at the end.  I’ve thought about continuing it in March to try and get up to 100, but the first few days so far have been so full of manual labor in the garden the idea of adding more work is not that appealing.  🙂

I really like writing out my goals every month and then reviewing them to see how well I did.  It helps keep me on track!  So now for March…

Business Goals:

  • Photograph the first wedding of the year!  It’s almost here and I’m so excited!
  • Keep working on that welcome packet.
  • Write a blog post about how I deliver my images to clients.  It’s pretty awesome and I need to share it.
  • Clean my office!  Right now it is storing a bunch of stuff and getting in the way of my work.  Now that the shed is useable it is time to clean it out!

Personal Goals:

  • Finish the garden and start planting things!  This is a little dependent on the weather, but outside of that crazy snow this week it should be warm enough to start something.
  • Take a break.  Seriously.  I’ve been working so hard every single day of the week and my brain and body need a day off.
  • Have a wonderful spring break.  Since Ryan is a teacher I get to enjoy a week of spring with him every year.  It’s so much fun.  Last year on spring break we moved into our house and got to work.  This year I’m sure we will work and hopefully finish the garden, but I’d also like to take a few days off to play and have fun.  It’s also the week of his birthday so we should do whatever he wants.
  • Make a photo book of the year.  Oh, this is one of those ambitious goals that might really be a year long goal instead of a month long goal.  But I never create photos books of myself.  And I really should!  I always say I don’t know where I want to have them printed (so I don’t know what format to make it) and I don’t bust out my big camera often at home and who wants a book of iPhone photos?  But the truth is I’d love a book of iPhone photos.  Just something to remind me what we were up to this year and how much fun we had.  So I think I should just make a choice and do it.  If I start now I’ll only have to put together two months worth (January and February) and then if I keep it up it shouldn’t be that hard.

Yes, I make big plans.  And I could be crazy.  But we have so much fun doing everything and living life, that I wouldn’t change it.  I’m always excited to see that the next week will bring.  I can’t wait to see how March goes.  Especially when the snow leaves and the flowers come out 🙂

And because everything is better with photos here is a sneak peek of that styled shoot I just did.  More to come later!

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  • March 4, 2013 - 4:34 pm

    Alexis DePersia-Norelli - I love your goals and I love the you share them! The higher the bar a person can set for herself the more things she will achieve! Don’t “not plan” because you’re afraid to fail – the journey to the goal is just as important 🙂

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