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April Goals

Time keeps flying by and suddenly it is wedding season again!  The flowers are coming up and I expect to see leaves on the trees soon.  And I can’t wait for that!  So pretty.  So how did I do on my goals as time flew by in March?

Business Goals (March):

  • Photograph the first wedding of the year!  Yes! I had a wonderful time photographing Erin & Tim’s wedding.  Now it is time to finish editing it and get it out to them!
  • Keep working on that welcome packet.  This kinda morphed into keep working on all marketing pamphlets and packets.  And I did.  And I still am.
  • Write a blog post about how I deliver my images.  I wrote about Pass here, and you should check it out if you haven’t.  I still love it.
  • Clean my office.  Did it.  But I may need to do it again.  Ok, not really.  It is much cleaner, but it seems like a silly goal for just one month because I’m constantly filing things and cleaning up.

Personal Goals (March):

  • Finish the garden and start planting things!  Is this garden really ever going to be finished?  It is very close now, and I’ve planted some things so let’s call this goal accomplished.  Though if you really want to know the crazy life of my garden you should check out Wednesday’s garden posts on the blog.
  •  Take a break.  Whoops.  I’m not sure I did any intentional break taking.  But I have been slowing down a little.  No longer frantically working on the yard, just slowly a little more every day.  I’m not very good at taking time off.  I always wonder why I’m not working on the next project.  So I guess I need to work on this goal some more.
  • Have a wonderful spring break.  I did!  It was nice to spend time with my husband and yard 🙂  We had a lot of fun getting things done, and I also got to spend time with my family!  Pretty great week if I do say so myself.
  • Make a photo book of the year.  Started this.  I know it is a long term goal, but I got all the photos together and organized by month.  Now I just need to start making pages.  I can do it!

March sure was full of fun projects and work.  Hopefully the rest of the year will be the same.  I think so!  So on to my goals for April!

Business Goals:

  • Shoot more weddings!  Tis the season and I look forward to enjoying it.  I also can’t wait for portrait season to start (normally when the leaves are out on the trees)  It’s gonna be fun!
  • Get my business packets out to some of my favorite wedding vendors so they can share with any of their brides that are the perfect fit for me.  A few have volunteered to share my info and I just need to order more pamphlets and bring them over.
  • Update my website.  It’s a never ending process, but I’m working on a few changes that I would like to go live by the end of April.
  • Try to blog at a consistant time.  I’ve been really good at blogging on specific days, but I normally write my blog post on the day it is posted.  So sometimes they are up at 9am and sometimes they aren’t up until 5pm.  I’d like to keep it more consistent so they are always posted by 10am for example.

Personal Goals:

  • Keep working on the garden!  (And rest of the yard)  I’ve just started looking at it and feeling like we are close to done.  It is such a wonderful feeling.  I know that we will never be truly done.  There will always be something else to plant or something to mow, but the major projects are so close to done it feels like we are almost there.  Woo hoo!  Keep up the good work!
  • Make some pages for my photo book of the year.  Just do it.  Stop worrying about perfection.
  • Schedule (and book) a trip to the west coast.  Ryan and I know we want to get out there this August.  Now we just need to book the plane tickets.
  • Take a break.  Read a book.  Swing in a hammock.  Lay in the sun.  Relax.  Make time to do all of these things.  🙂

What are your goals for the month?  Just pick one and do it!  I promise it feels great 🙂

And because all posts should have a photo, here is what my computer looks like while editing… fun huh?

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