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May Goals

Wait!  May?  It feels like a theme this year that I’m always surprised when another month has gone by.  But I really am surprised.  Wow!  Time flies.  And May is my birthday!  How did that come up so fast?  I know it isn’t technically May yet, but I normally do my goals post on the first Monday of the month, and it seemed silly to write about my month goals almost a week in.  Also this way I get two more days to finish my April goals. 🙂

Business Goals (April):

  • Shoot more weddings!  Yep.  I did shoot more weddings. It’s wedding season, so of course.  I’m really excited for all the weddings I’ve got coming up this year!
  • Get my business packets out to vendors.  Yep.  I did that one too… now i just need to order more.
  • Update my website.  It’s in the works.  I hope to release the new site in another week or two.  I’m getting there.  Just two more pages to finish and testing to make sure it all works.
  • Try to blog at a consistant time.  I think I did this!  I think I managed to get all my blogs up by 10am this month.  It was a challenge, but I did it.  And I’m going to try to continue this one.

Personal Goals (April):

  • Keep working on the garden (and the rest of the yard!)  Oh yes we’ve done this one.  Lots of yard work, garden work and wow.  Things have changed this month.  !t is all starting to look really good.
  • Make some pages for my photo book of the year.  Whoops.  I didn’t do this yet.  Maybe in these last two days of April?
  • Schedule and book a trip to the west coast.  Darn, I didn’t do this one either.  On the to do list now!
  • Take a break.  Oh this one is tricky.  Wedding season just hit and I feel like I’ve been running non stop for a month.  I did read a book.  I did swing in a hammock.  The hammock was in the sun so I’ll say I also laid in the sun 🙂  Does all that count as a break?  Even if it was just for a few minutes at a time?

So April was a busy month.  And I’m pretty sure May is gonna be just as crazy. In a wonderful way 🙂  Here are some goals for May.

Business Goals:

  • Launch my new website!  I’m gonna do it this month and it’s exciting.  The layout has changed a little and everything is updated so there is more information.  
  • Order more business cards and packets.  And design another one.  I like the way my packets let me show off more than just the one photo on my business cards.  It gives people a better sense of my work.  So I need to order more, and design a new one for some venues.
  • Read a book on photography.  I haven’t done this in a few months and I’d like to again.  Suggestions?
  • Continue to network.  Sometimes it is hard, especially when you are trying to juggle work and personal life and all the commitments you already have.  But it is good for business and good for me to get to know all the fabulous vendors and locations out there.  So I do need to keep it up.
  • I’m part of a group of really wonderful wedding vendors in Northern Virginia and I volunteered to write blog posts for them.  Eek!  I just got myself a whole lot of extra work.  But I’m excited to do it, and really want to make them fabulous.  So if there is anything you ever wanted to know about weddings ask me now so I can add it to the blog topic list.  And I promise more information on this in the next month when I really get going.  🙂

Personal Goals:

  • Yard work.  Garden work.  It’s a theme.  Work on the yard, get the weeds out (or an many as we can in a month) and grow some grass.  Get rid of any poison ivy that pops up (a hard task when it grows up the fence line from the neighbors yard.) Finish planting all the garden beds.  All the seeds should be in by the end of the month!  And I want to see plants growing!  And maybe get to eat something.
  • Paint the kitchen.  Ok, that may not happen this month, but I’d really like it to happen.  It’s had sample paint swatches on it for months.
  • Get a table for the deck.  Another maybe, but I’d love to have a place for friends to sit on the deck when they come over.  I can’t afford anything expensive and I can’t fit anything too large.  Maybe a picnic table?
  • Keep all my plants and flowers alive.  Not just the ones in the garden, but the ones I planted along the shed and in front of the house.  They look so nice, I can’t let them go without water too long though.
  • Schedule time to relax.  Since whenever I have a free moment on my calendar I fill it with tasks, maybe I need to actually write “RELAX!”  I’m never quite sure how to relax when I’ve still got things to do.  But that is another goal.  🙂

What are your goals for the month?

Here are some Instagram photos (I’m leliamariephoto) of animals I saw this month… A baby wood duck, geese, a toad, and baby bluebirds.

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