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June Goals

It’s June!  School is out soon and summer is almost here!  Although with the heat and humidity this week I’d argue it has already arrived.  How exciting!  So now it is time again to make some new monthly goals and see how I did on May.

Business Goals (May):

  • Launch my new website!  Did it!  You can check it out here (www.leliamarie.com)  I really like it 🙂
  • Order more business cards and packets.  Yep.  And I’ve got to do it again.  Good times.
  • Read a book on photography.  No!  I didn’t do this one.  But I’ve got a book now, so I just need to sit and read it.
  • Continue to network.  Yes.  I’ve still been keeping myself busy and working on this.  Met some really wonderful people in May.
  • Write blog posts for Bliss.  Oh yeah, I’m still working on this every week.  It’s a lot of work!

Personal Goals (May):

  • Yard and Garden work.  Like I’d stop yet?  Still working on it, but it is looking great!
  • Paint the kitchen.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  And it probably won’t happen for a while now.
  • Get a table for the deck.  Nope.  Didn’t do this either.  I probably won’t until fall when they go on sale or I can find them on Craig’s List.
  • Keep all my plants and flowers alive.  Hmmm… I kinda did this.  Some never really grew in the first place, and some just bolted and didn’t make veggies, but I guess they are mostly still alive.  🙂
  • Schedule time to relax.  Yeah… I scheduled it… for June.  Sigh.  Getting there.  I did take a little bit of down time in the last week.

Apparently I did pretty good on everything that involved work.  Sitting, relaxing and reading, not as much.  But it’s been a pretty good month.  I mean it was my birthday and I had pizza and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  All good there.  Now to plan out June.

Business Goals:

  • Keep photographing and submitting weddings.  This is a goal for every month.  I never want to stop working on it.  🙂
  • I’m now a member of The Bliss Collection which is a group of “Northern Virginia’s finest wedding professionals.”  I’m so excited to be a part of it, and am working on writing a blog post every week for them, keeping the social media up to date, and updating (and redesigning) the website.  That should take up pretty much all of my month.  But once it is done it’s gonna be great.  🙂
  • Keep up on my blogging!  Despite all this work for the Bliss Collection I still need to keep up on my work.
  • Get all of my work done for the month by June 19th.  (Except photographing and editing Pam & Lou’s wedding)

Personal Goals:

  • Make sure that I am ready to take some time off at the end of the month and spend it with Ryan and my family.  The last two weeks of the month are our summer vacation.  The only time this year that Ryan and I both have off (except for one wedding I have but I love that!)  I want to make sure that I can spend the week with Ryan going on adventures or just relaxing around the house, rather than in my office trying to catch up on work.  That is also when my family is coming down to visit.  So I need to get all my work done because I just won’t have time, and I’d hate to be stressed out about it.
  • Spend time with my kittens!  In case you didn’t hear, Ryan and I just got kittens this week.  I want to spend as much time with them as I can now, so they are happy and well-adjusted and because they are so darn cute right now.  I also want to take photos of them, but being kittens, they aren’t that easy of a subject.
  • Keep getting the garden together.  I’ve still got some plants to plant, seeds to sew, a few more supports to build and the irrigation system to finish.  Phew.  Aren’t we done yet?
  • Also fix the driveway.  It needs to be patched and resealed.  I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been done in years, and since I can’t afford to replace it, we are gonna try to fix it and maintain it.  I’m willing to work on some of this (and the garden) during summer vacation.  But only a tiny bit.  So this needs to get finished soon.
  • Have a party for my family.  I want to invite them back to see my place and all the changes we’ve made in the last year.  Maybe they won’t recognize it.  🙂
  • Relax.  I think this was implied in the summer vacation.  But just in case I wasn’t clear.  Go to a theme park, roast something on a fire, swing in the hammock, go berry picking, play with kittens.  Relax!  And have fun.

And because I mentioned kittens here is a quick photo of them.  Hopefully there will be many more to follow.

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