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Herb Garden

Last summer right after we moved in to our new house we built two planter beds in the front yard (since the back yard was inaccessible at the time.)  I planted my veggie garden there, though it was a little small and I planted it so late I din’t harvest all that much.  This year I’ve got the huge garden out back for all my veggies but I didn’t want to leave the planters out front empty so I filled them with a ton of herbs!  It is one of my new favorite spots.  It smells amazing and there is always something ready to be used.  In fact if you don’t use the herbs often enough you still have the cut them anyway or they go to seed or get sad looking.  I’m really hoping I can keep this garden alive year round.  Or at least most of the year.  I’ve got hoops and insulating fabric that I will put over it when it starts to get cold.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have fresh herbs in the winter?  That is often when I find I want them for all the cooking and soup making.  There are a few non-herbs in here, garlic, shallots and hot peppers.  Also the massive plants in this photo are the lavender and rosemary that I planted there last year.  They just took off this year and are huge.  I have to admit the idea of the whole garden being that fluffy and beautiful is part of the reason I want to see if I can keep these plants alive all year 🙂 Some of the other herbs I planted are Cilantro, Parsley (both flat and curly), Basil, Curry, Bay, Thyme, Dill, Marjoram, Sage & Catnip.

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