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July Goals

Happy July to you all!  It’s a surprise again, so I’d have to say my first goal for the month of July is to catch up my internal clock so I’m not surprised when August comes.  🙂  And in the meantime here is my check up on last month’s goals.

Business Goals (June):

  • Keep Photographing and submitting weddings.  Yep!  I’ve been doing that.  And it’s still wonderful.
  • Work on the Bliss Collection’s website.  Still a work in progress.  But progress has been made.  I’m hoping to share it next month.  If I get it done by then!
  • Keep up on my blogging.  Yes!  No blog post was missed!
  • Get all of my work done by June 19th.   Ummm… nope.  Didn’t do that.  But I did take the last 4 days off to spend with my husband on his few days off.  Apparently he starts summer school today.  I thought he had another whole week off.  So I guess I can work on my work this week.

Personal Goals (June):

  • Make sure that I take some time off at the end of the month.  Well I did take a few days off.  And I will be taking July 4th off.  So that should count.
  • Spend time with my kittens!  I have been trying to.  It’s been a little hard with my schedule, and the fact that they are sick (but getting better!) so they are still confined to the kitchen and unable to follow me around the house.  Hopefully in another week or so they can come out and we can spend tons of time together!
  • Keep getting the garden together!  Oh it is such a work in progress!  More has been planted (I can’t say everything, since I’ll be planting more again in the late summer/fall)  The irrigation system is closer to done and I think all the trellises have been built!  Woo hoo!  I still feel behind on it (compared to other fluffy, awesome gardens) but I’m learning and next year I won’t have to wait for things to be built to plant.  Which is exciting.
  • Fix the driveway.  Only halfway there.  All the patching has been done, but we haven’t been able to seal it since you need multiple days with no rain forecast.  And we’ve been getting rain every single day.  And it is forecast to rain every single day in the next week.  Sigh.
  • Have a party for my family.  Didn’t happen.  By the time we were thinking about it it was almost July 4th and we will all see each other then.  So maybe later.
  • Relax.  OMG I did this one!  Finally!  I spent a day lying in a lounge chair on my deck with the kittens and Ryan and a book.  It was a really wonderful way to spend a day.  🙂

So I got a bunch of work done and even managed to relax!  Woo hoo!  🙂  I’m getting better at this whole balance thing.  I hope.  I should keep working on it though or I’ll wind up working all the time again.  Time to set some new goals for this month!

Business Goals:

  • Pick some workshops to attend and sign up.  I like to make a point of reviewing my business every year and figuring out where I need to improve, and then working to do that.  So I need to sit down and figure out what I need to work on and what classes/workshops I can go to to help me with that.  Because I love getting better!
  • Get a sample album made.  I’ve changed album companies for next year and I need to make up a sample album.  It just takes time!
  • I’d like to get a few used wedding dresses that I can have whenever I want to do a styled shoot or practice on my own.  I’ve been looking, but they are hard to find.  (At least ones that weren’t made in the 80s are hard to find.)  There is a store I’ve been meaning to check out for some but it is kinda far away so I haven’t gone yet.  I really should.
  • Because I’d like to do some more practice shoots!  So I need to find some people who wouldn’t mind getting all dolled up and playing with me for a few hours.  Any takers?

Personal Goals:

  • Get everything ready for our trip to Washington in August!  Oh gosh it is coming up so fast!  Ryan and I need to figure out when we are going to be where, where we are going to stay, and get that out so we can schedule times to see everyone!  It’s gonna take some figuring out but I just need to do it!  🙂
  • Take care of my garden!  Enjoy this month with it and hope that things start taking off and I can harvest some more food!
  • Fix the driveway.  There simply has to be a few days where it won’t rain.  And hopefully the first of those days comes on a day we have the time to seal it.
  • Have a party for the family.  I still hope we can do this.  Maybe in July.  It would be nice to have my family over.  Even if only some of them can make it (I have a big family.)
  • Keep spending as much time as I can with my kittens and husband.  It’s important, so I figure it is good to consciously make it a goal.

What do you think?  Any goals of your own for July?

Here are some Instagram photos from June.  If you want feel free to find me.  I’m user name leliamariephoto.

I watched my kittens get bigger, picked some snow peas, had a second batch of baby bluebirds in the birdhouse, put up a screen door, worked in the garden, patched the driveway, finished the fire pit, caught a chicken, built miniature gardens with my mom and grandmom, finished the ditch and just had a great month!  🙂

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  • July 1, 2013 - 3:15 pm

    Alexis DePersia-Norelli - Like! Like! Like! Like! Like!

  • July 21, 2013 - 6:11 pm

    Kat Stroot - I’m way behind but…you know I’m ALWAYS down to play!! And we need to see more of y’all anyway…

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