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September Goals

Wow.  August was as incredible month!  It’s was crazy busy but I’m so glad that we made the time to see family and to take a mini vacation.  From now on we really need to do that every year!  Now it’s September, and I’ve started thinking about fall with apple cider and fuzzy sweaters.  I love that cuddly time of year.  I realize that in VA it may still be weeks off, and I’m ok with that.  But I do look forward to it.  🙂  So now let’s see if I kept up on my goals during August and make some new ones for September!

Business Goals (August):

  • Keep up with my online workshop.  I wasn’t very good at keeping exactly on schedule since I spent a large part of the month out of town, and sometimes with lousy internet.  But I’ve caught up on it so I’m pleased.  🙂
  • Get a sample album made.  This is the goal that never gets done.  No.  I didn’t get to it this month.  I really need to try again.
  • Keep up on work.  I actually did this.  I meant a little more time working during vacation than I wanted.  But at least I’m not too far behind.
  • Reorganize my office.  Yep!  I finally got everything fitting into my office and it looks so much cleaner and nicer.  Now if I could just keep the kittens off my desk :-p

Personal Goals (August):

  • Enjoy vacation and family time!  Oh yes!  I had the most wonderful time this August with family and friends and vacation.  I need to find a way to make this happen more often.  It was amazing!
  • Start prepping the garden for fall.  I started… not finished yet.
  • Plan when to have family over to my place.  Ummm… I’ve found some available time.  Now I just need to wait and see what the weather thinks.  If it looks good I’m inviting everyone over.  Not sure how many people will make it but I’d love to see everyone!
  • Start thinking about fall projects around the house.  Soooo, I couldn’t think of any for a little bit.  (Which makes me happy, since that means there isn’t a lot wrong anymore!) and then I found a huge section of the yard I want to plant.  Sooooo… I guess I should get on that.

Not bad for a month when I’m pretty sure I was only home for like a week.  Or at least that is what it felt like.  Now onto September.

Business Goals:

  • Put some of my work up on Pinterest.  I use it to find inspiration for my projects, but I’ve never posted my photos on it.  I’m thinking about trying that.
  • Get a shoot planned… Not even sure what kind, but something to play with.
  • Keep practicing.  That might sound like a crazy goal, but I’ve been practicing photographing in different situations and the more I practice  the better I get.  And I really want to be the best I can.
  • Get all my payments, invoicing and contracts online.  So that my clients can easily do everything online.  I think that would be pretty awesome.

Personal Goals:

  • Have my family over for a relaxed evening of fun 🙂
  • Keep prepping the garden for fall and taking care of it.
  • Start working on that fall yard planting project.
  • Go camping and hiking!  We just got a tent so we can go camping.  It’s been years but I’m super excited to do it again!

And here is a short Instagram recap of August.  It was epic.  If you want to see some more photos from it check out my blog post on our Vacation to Washington and Oregon.  We flew to Washington, saw lots of neat places, played in the tide pools in Oregon, visited friends, hiked mountains, picked berries, enjoyed the views, played with the kitties, relaxed at Lake George and bought a tent to prepare for more adventure!

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  • September 2, 2013 - 3:49 pm

    Gaby Sessler Shearer - Yes, we had a great time seeing you, Ryan and the kittens.

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