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October Goals

September seemed to fly by.  Or did it take forever?  I’m not sure.  Things that happened only a few weeks ago feel like it was a few months ago.  It was jam packed with all sorts of work and fun (scheduled so it would actually happen.)  I attended a workshop with the fabulous Katelyn James and went camping in the rain.  I had weddings and yard work and overall a great month.  So let’s check in…

Business Goals (September):

  • Put some of my work up on Pinterest.  I started that… but it slightly fell by the wayside and I should catch up again!
  • Get a shoot planned.  Not official yet, but I’ve got some ideas I’m throwing around inside my head.  🙂
  • Keep practicing.  Oh yeah.  I did a ton of that this month and I feel like I made some progress I’m really proud of!
  • Get all my payments, invoicing and contracts online.  Whew, this sound so easy but setting up all the programs is a monster task of data entry and formatting and a ton of stuff.  I’ve chosen the program and started working on it, but this could take a while.  I’m super excited that it is coming though!

Personal Goals (September):

  • Have my family over for some fun.  Yes we did!  Totally worth it, it was great to see them!
  • Keep prepping the garden for fall.  I kinda gave up on this one.  That pesky groundhog kept eating everything I did.  And I don’t have any defense against him.  So I conceded defeat for the year.  Sigh.
  • Start working on that fall planting project.  Yes.  I started it.  And it just got huge.  So much for a simple little fall planting project.  Also my fall calendar just filled up like crazy so I don’t really have free time on the weekends to work on this.  So it should be fun to see how much of this project actually gets done.  And since they are calling for a real winter this year I’m pretty sure we can keep planting things in December.
  • Go camping and hiking.  Yep!  We went even though the forecast called for rain.  And then it did rain for half the time we were out there.  But we did it and now our tent had been christened with rain.  Lots and lots of rain… and it survived.  So I guess it is a good ten.

Not too bad for a crazy month!  I look forward to finishing all this up in October!

Business Goals:

  • Keep up on work, and keep my energy up even with all the travel I have this month! (Heading to TX for work, then to NY for a wedding, back to VA and then back up to NY later in the month for another wedding.  It’s going to be awesome but crazy!)
  • Keep up on social media.  So far I’ve only been a blog and Facebook kind of gal, but I’m trying to start linking things and branching out into twitter and instagram a little.  Feel free to follow me on instagram and twitter at leliamariephoto!
  • Keep getting payment and contracts online.  I’m going to streamline this whole process for my clients!  Just give me time!
  • Keep trying new things and pushing myself outside my comfort zones.  It’s the best way to learn.  And I love pushing myself to be the best.  🙂

Personal Goals:

  • Get that yard project designed and started!  I’m so excited to see it done, I just have to find the time to do it.
  • Spent time with my husband.  This is a tricky one since I’m spending three weekends out of state this month.  But I will make time for him when I am home, even if that means less yard work gets done.
  • Enjoy the fall weather and do some baking!  Soup, apples, whatever I’ve got just bake it all and eat it!
  • Clean out the garden.  I may have given up on planting more this year, but it still needs to be cleaned up so it is ready for next year.

And here is my Instagram recap of September!  It was a lot of fun.  The kittens are getting bigger, and “helping” with my office work. They also started climbing trees.  Unfortunately for us they haven’t yet figured out how to get back down them.  We had family over, went camping and hiking.  We picked peanuts with some friends and even got started on some yard projects.

Instagram September

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  • October 8, 2013 - 9:41 am

    Colleen - If I am not mistaken you can link FB, Twitter, & Pinterest through your wordpress blog. This way you can updtae all at the same time so you are not duplicating efforts. You can also pick & choose which ones update where. Just a thought to simplify your social media efforts.

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