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New Venues

Since we are officially in the slow season for weddings and I won’t have as many photos shoots to show off I thought I’d take this time to answer questions that frequently come up when I’m talking to brides.  I often get asked by brides if I’ve worked at a particular venue before.  And honestly, my answer is normally ‘No’.  There are hundreds of venues in northern VA alone, and I often work in New York and Maryland as well.  I’ve also photographed multiple weddings on personal property.  If I’m shooting 20-30 weddings a year it will still take me a very long time before I make it to all the venues around me.  At the moment I can only think of 2 venues I’ve done a wedding at more than once.

Now I know why I get asked the question.  It makes sense that a photographer who has worked at a venue many times before would know all the best places for photos.  But this isn’t always true.  This may surprise you but, I don’t pick where to do photos based on the background.  I pick it based on the light.  I always want my brides and grooms in the best light possible.  It will make you look amazing!  It will give you that special glow that my photos have.  And that is 100% dictated by the quality of light.  NOT by how pretty the background is.  So when I show up to a venue on the wedding day I’m looking for the best light, not the best view.  And here is the thing about light… it changes.  Depending on the time of day, the time of year, the weather… light changes.  So what may have worked on a sunny day in May won’t work on a cloudy day in November.   What may have worked for a 4pm wedding in April won’t work the same way for a 4pm wedding in June.  It just won’t be the same.  So it doesn’t matter if I’ve been to that venue before or not.  I will always approach it like a brand new location, because it is!  Just like two weddings are different, so is the light and the weather and the timing.  The best location at a venue for a previous wedding may not be the best spot for your wedding.

Because I constantly work at different venues I’m used to evaluating each venue quickly the day of (I normally show up early to check it out.)  I don’t have any preconceived notions of where I should shoot, which leaves me open to following the light so you can have the best photos possible!

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