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February Goals

February is here and we are one month closer to spring!  I kept myself pretty busy this January and I’m trying to balance getting all my work done with taking breaks so that I am fresh and ready to go when wedding season starts!  Time to take a look back at my goals last month…

Business Goals (January):

  • Read and do Michael Port’s Book Yourself Sold.  I haven’t made it through this one yet.  Getting there, but it’s a lot of work! (and time)
  • Work on getting contracts online.  Oh so close to making this happen!  I need to find a good way to get all the info I need to fill out the contract (I thought it could be filled in by clients but it can’t) and finalize this.
  • Set up another styled shoot.  I’ve got two in the works… but nothing much is going to happen until spring, so I’ve got another month or so until things really start moving.
  • Get some new blog post ideas for 2014.  I didn’t come up with any other great series ideas.  And it turns out that people really like my garden and throwback posts.  So I’m going to stick with what I have for now.  If I ever come up with a new idea I’ll try it out.  And if you love something leave me comments so I know!

Personal Goals (January):

  • Get Healthier.  Via eating better and working out.  I’ve done this!  And it is hard!  But I try to remind myself it is worth it.  And even on my lousiest days I have to remember I am healthier than I was in December and I have lost weight.  It’s just a long, slow road.
  • Finish my quilt tops.  I finished my two baby quilt tops, and even quilted them together.  Now all I have to do is put the binding on.  Then it’s onto my next two quilts… 🙂
  • Read a book for me.  I’m trying to remember… but I don’t think I read a book for me this month.  I think they were all business related.  Though I did go to the used book store and get a few for myself.  I have taken a little bit of time for my own projects and a few nights of tv though so that counts as taking time for myself!
  • Still make time to get outside.  I’ve spent time outside a few days this month.  Basically any day that it wasn’t raining or below freezing out.  Which is a lot less than it was last year.  I still love it outside and I can’t wait until spring when I can start planting.

So not too bad.  The theme of the month seems to be slow and steady and I’ll get there.  So long as I can keep up all the good (and hard) work I’ll be happy with things!  Now on to February.

Business Goals:

  • Order more sample albums.  I’d like to have a few more to show to prospective brides.  I need to get the time on my calendar and make it happen.  Better sooner than later since they take so long to print!
  • Blog ahead of time.  I’ve been writing my posts the day of the last few months and it is making my blog posts late!  I’d like to start doing them a day or two ahead of time so that I can post them first thing in the morning.
  • Take some other wedding pros out for coffee or lunch.  It would be great to spend some time with everyone before the wedding season starts up and we are all short for time!  February seems like the perfect month 🙂  Who wants to get together with me?
  • Get my taxes together.  It’s a big task, but it’s February and time to start!

Personal Goals:

  • Take more iPhone photos!  When I was going through my instagram photos to recap January I realized I took almost no photos this month!  I guess I’ve been busy, and I haven’t seen much that made me want to take a photo.  Let’s not let that happen again in February!  I’m horrible at the 365 challenges, since I often don’t relate to the prompt, but I’d like to make more of an effort to document my month.
  • Keep eating healthy and working out.  I know it was a goal for last month, but it is also a goal for this month (and many more to come.)  This is really important to me, and I need to make the time (and willpower) to keep it up!
  • Paint my living room and kitchen.  Ha!  This is a bigger project than it sounds 🙂  I’m painting my kitchen, because it is still the same ugly color it was when we moved in.  I finally found the right color and have painted one wall… now three more to go.  It’s a slow process since I’m also adding some more cabinets and a light and such while I go but I hope to get it all done in the next few weeks… if I’m optimistic!  I also want to repaint the living room before our new couch arrives.  Then I will be able to put photos up on the walls and decorate and have people over!  It’s crazy this hasn’t happened before now but I’m so excited to see it all done 🙂
  • Work on my next two quilt tops.  This might be over reaching my free time for the month but if I can I’d love to keep working on my quilt tops so I can finish them.  Well and finish the two baby quilts first.  It’s fun.  There should be a craft night at my house once the kitchen gets put back together and then I can craft with friends!  Who wants to join me?

Here are my very few Instagram photos from January…  My bulbs started coming up (they are clearly confused about the season), Penny played in my garden greenhouse, Ryan helped me cook healthy food, Keith and Ryan fixed some plumbing in our house, I worked on my baby quilts, and I rooted the Seahawks on to a Super Bowl win!  (Ok that last one was technically February, but I did root for them all through January!)


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  • February 3, 2014 - 8:05 pm

    Glam Rock Girl - Awesome! So glad you are working out and eating healthier 🙂 If you haven’t do a before shot of yourself so you can compare as you make progress. I was SO reluctant to do one so I waited three weeks. I wish I hadn’t but still, the progress I have made from then to know is unbelievable 🙂 So, take some before shots for you 🙂 <3 Keep up the FAB work. xoxo

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