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Garden Fence

Those of you that followed my blog last year probably remember that I had a lot of problems with animals eating my garden.  I got a lot of suggestions that I put up a fence this year to keep them out.  The problem is that it seemed a little excessive (not to mention costly and hard to get permits) to put up a fence high enough to keep out the deer and dug far enough into the ground to keep out the groundhogs and bunnies and when you are done with all of that the raccoons and squirrels could still just climb in.  So I haven’t done much about it.  I may try to put up a fence in the front to close off my back yard which will make it less likely the deer come in, but they could always jump it.  The groundhogs were my #1 garden eater so this year I put up two little mesh fences around some of my veggies.  I don’t know that it will keep the bunnies and groundhogs out if they really want in, but it has so far and that makes me feel pretty good.  Hopefully it will work for a good long while.  Or next year I’ll be building some serious wire fences.

garden 4.4.14-6_WEB

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