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Remember how last month I mentioned we got chickens?  Well in case you missed it… we got chickens!  Well, baby chickens.  But one day they will grow up and become hens and lay us some eggs!  It’s amazing how fast they grow.  I’m pretty sure they grow every single night.  Each morning I wake up and they are bigger.  They are no longer little fluffy chicks, but are in the awkward not a chick and not a chicken phase.  So I thought I’d share some photos.

Here are (from left to right) Dot, Rue, Lacey, Amelia, and the chicken we still haven’t named… suggestions?  (not pictured here is Pip)

Chickens 4.8-2_WEB

Ryan with Dot and Pip.

Chickens 4.8-3_WEB

Look at those pretty feathers coming in!  Dot on the left and Pip on the right.  Remember Pip’s baby photo?

Chickens 4.8-4_WEB

Everyone asks me how my cats do with the chickens.  I think they expect my cats to eat them the second I’m not looking.  My cats are great with the chickens.  Penny doesn’t care about them, though occasionally she likes to say hi.  Buffy things they are the best toys ever!  But she doesn’t really try to eat them.  Occasionally she will chase them, but mostly she just likes to watch them.  And in case you were worried about the chickens I’ve already seen them stand up to her.  Little Amelia there pecked Buffy on the nose when she tried to chase her.  So I think the chickens and my cats will grow up to be pretty good friends. 🙂

And in this photo it might look like Buffy was gonna attack Amelia, but she actually wasn’t moving… she was thinking about taping the chicken on the head but wasn’t sure she really wanted to.  Silly kitty.

Chickens 4.8-12_WEB

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