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July Goals

It’s July!  Half way through 2014 and this second half is gonna be great!  I’ve got some really exciting things planned 🙂  So let’s look back at my June goals so I can move on to July!

Business Goals (June):

  • Get all of my weddings edited and delivered!  Yes!  I’m done with my spring season!  Now to work on some other projects before the crazy fall season starts up.
  • Branding!  Finish logos and start website design.  I’ve approved a final logo design.  Next step website.  I’m not 100% in control of the speed here, but it’s moving forward and I’m excited!
  • Get some family sessions on the calendar.  I’ve got one on my schedule for July.  I’d love some more.  Specifically any mothers with a baby under a year. Do you know anyone?  Let me know!
  • Find a studio space!  OMG!  This is the big one and it happened!  I am currently fixing up/moving into a studio space in Leesburg, VA!  I’m so excited!  This is going to give me the ability to meet my clients in a quiet, calm spot.  And it is going to let me work more with babies (under a year).  I’m so excited to share updates on my studio with you as I get it together!  Stay tuned!

Personal Goals (June):

  • Keep working on the yard.  Slow and steady wins it.  Some more plants went into the ground.  So I kept up with this.  Of course then we had to replace our heat pump so it’s gonna be a while before we can afford to buy any more plants for the yard.  Oh well.  I guess we will take a summer heat break.
  • Get the last few cabinets installed in the kitchen.  Nope.  It’s still on the list.  One of these days…
  • Get some photos on the wall in the living room.  Of a coffee table.  Nope.  I haven’t done this.  But hopefully I’ll find some of this stuff as I’m searching for my office furniture and ordering prints for that.
  • Schedule a day off.  I did take some days off from work.  Though I packed them full of family and friends.  I should also make a note to schedule a day off that is just a day off from everything, where I have no obligations to do anything other than sit with a good book.  🙂

Basically I got all my weddings edited and found an office space so I consider June to be a huge win and I almost can’t believe that all this awesome is happening!  So on to July!

Business Goals:

  • Finish painting and furnishing my office.  This is gonna be a hard one with me, since I tend to sit with things for a long time before deciding how to decorate them.  I also think I’ll have to build a lot of the items to make them fit right.  Oh my.
  • Start web design!  Woo hoo!  I can’t wait to see how my ideas all come together.
  • Rework portrait products and pricing.  Now that I have a studio space and more focus on portraits and families I need to rework my pricing and products.  Which requires sitting down and going through everything to figure out what products I want to offer, which are the best, which fit my brand and so on.  But I’m really excited to start doing this!
  • Find some new mothers to take photos of in my studio!  I want to do a very specific style of photography there and the easiest way to explain it is to show it.  So I need some mothers willing to model for me this month so I can build a studio portfolio.  🙂

Personal Goals:

  • Figure out how to balance personal and work life.  Especially now that my work will be at the office and not at home.  I will need to set work hours and keep to them.
  • Plan my September trip to WA.  I want to go, but I haven’t sat down and done any of the booking or planning.  I really want to take some family/couple photos while I’m over there.  Anyone interested?  Want to talk to me about it?
  • Plant some more seeds in my garden.  After the late spring and the busy wedding season I’ve still got some seeds I never planted.  Whoops.  I’d love to get those in the ground asap.
  • Work on the inside of my house.  Finish painting the kitchen… hang cabinets… furnish the living room… hang photos.  At least one of those things should happen this month.  I hope 🙂

Honestly all I can think of right now is getting the office together and the branding and website finished.  It’s going to be a huge step forward for my business and full of good things for my clients and I want to make sure I get it all done before the fall wedding crazy starts up in September.  And that is a lot of work to get done in the next two months.  But I’m up for it.

June was a great month.  When we weren’t working we spent a lot of time having fun, working in the yard, picking berries, river rafting and going to King’s Dominion.  Follow me on Instagram for more @ LeliaMariePhoto.  insta June-3_WEB

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