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August Goals

Last night I ate chili and watched football.  That must mean fall is here… except we haven’t even started summer vacation yet!  All those back to school commercials make Ryan twitch, since he just finished classes Friday, and still has a few days of training left before he gets two weeks off.  July was busy, but good!  Let’s look back at my goals…

Business Goals (July):

  • Finish painting and furnishing my office.  Pretty much done!  I need to get a desk chair, blankets and pillows for the bed and a bunch of photos to hang on the wall, but otherwise it is pretty much done!
  • Start web design.  Haven’t gotten to this yet.  However, the logo is finished and the paper products are approved so the web should be next up!  Super excited!
  • Rework portrait products and pricing.  I think I’ve got this in a place I’m happy with.  Though I need to order samples of my new products so I can show them to clients!
  • Find some new mothers to take photos of in my studio!  Working on this!  The catch is I want babies AND THIER MOTHERS!  So many moms don’t want photos of themselves and I think that is a real shame.  I’m going to be doing these photos in the next two or three weeks, so if you know anyone have them contact me!

Personal Goals (July):

  • Figure out how to balance personal and work life.  Ever since opening this studio/office it feels like I’ve been more committed to balance.  I don’t check my emails in the evening after work hours because my computer isn’t at home.  It’s really nice.
  • Plan my September trip to WA.  I haven’t done this yet.  I really need to get cracking!  The catch is I’d really love to do some family /couple photos while I’m out there in the Portland/Seattle/Bellingham areas in the forest/parks/coast.  So I’m trying to get those dates set before I pick which airport to fly into.  If you know anyone in that area who needs some photos connect me!
  • Plant some more seeds in my garden.  I haven’t… though the squirrels have been planting tomatoes all over the place.  🙂
  • Work on the inside of my house.  Nope again.  Moving into my studio, and family things have pretty much taken up all of my July.  But I haven’t forgotten!

It was a busy month just keeping up with everything.  Now on to August where hopefully I get to enjoy some time off and catch up on personal projects (ya know… the house and yard.)

Business Goals:

  • Photograph some mother/child portraits in my studio!
  • Schedule some portraits on the west coast for September!
  • Finish getting my client guides together to help with the wedding process.
  • Get all my contracts and payments online.

Personal Goals:

  • Take time off and have fun day-cations with Ryan!  It’s our summer vacation and I want to enjoy it, even if we aren’t traveling.
  • Get the kitchen cabinets up and the wall painted.  I know this has been a goal for months… but I’m still working on it!
  • Get the retaining wall up and planted.  This is a huge yard goal, but I know if I don’t finish it in August I won’t have time this fall with all the weddings.  So it’s got to happen now!  🙂
  • Got for walks and drink plenty of water!  Since I’ll be taking some time off from work I will have enough time, and want to get in the habit of going for walks.  Also I need to drink more water, so I’m going to work on that too!

Clearly I’m not that good at taking time off.  🙂  But I’d rather be ambitions than bored.

We had a great time in July, camping, doing yard work, getting the keys to my office & moving in, playing with the critters in our yard, and relaxing!

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  • August 8, 2014 - 6:26 am

    Anna - Heather Bee Photo just had twins not too long ago. She may be interested!!! Definitely look her up and contact her (tell her I referred her to you)

  • August 8, 2014 - 6:27 am

    Anna - Sorry for the second comment… lol ADD. I can’t wait to see your WA photos!!! I love WA. Check out Snoqualmie falls! So beautiful!

  • August 11, 2014 - 10:00 am

    Lelia - OMG twins!!! How cute!

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