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Fresh Eggs!

The chickens are finally laying eggs!  We knew it should happen in September, and it finally did!  I think we got our very first egg the end of August.  Right after we finished building the nesting boxes.  I love going out in the morning (and evening) to check on the chickens and finding eggs in the coop!  We tend to get about 3-4 eggs a day right now, which is amazing.  The production should drop off in winter when the days get too short, and then pick back up again in spring.  It’s fun because they are new layers so their chicken bodies haven’t figured it all out yet.  Sometimes we get tiny little eggs and then sometimes we get huge, jumbo, double yoke eggs.  You never know!  I love the different colors.  We have two chickens that lay brown eggs.  One tends to be a little lighter than the other.  And we have three blue eggs, though one tends to be a bit more olive than blue.  I still haven’t figured out which chicken lays which color egg.  Specifically, I know Lacey & Lady lay the brown ones, and Amelia, Pip & Dot lay the blue ones.  I think Amelia lays a blue blue one, not the olive, but more than that I just don’t know.

I got an egg skelter to keep them out on the counter and help me keep them in order of freshness (the newest ones go in the back so you eat the oldest first!)  Since I don’t have to refrigerate them it’s fun to look at them on the counter every day.  I enjoyed having chickens before, but now that they lay eggs it’s even more fun!  Like an Easter egg hunt every day!

My Skelter full of eggs!  It holds about 2 dozen.


Pretty colors!Eggs-2_WEB

The greeting I get form the chickens every day!  (Really they are saying let us out!)  And the nesting boxes.  Sometimes we find eggs in both boxes, but mostly they prefer to lay them all together.Eggs-4_WEB

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  • September 18, 2014 - 7:36 am

    Anna - I love your blogs! These eggs look so pretty!

  • September 25, 2014 - 1:03 am

    Lelia - Thanks Anna! I’ll have to bring you some fresh eggs next time I see you!

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