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September Goals

September is here and with it a busy month of weddings and travel!  I can’t believe it is time to pick apples already (it seems a little early this year) and as much as I love fall I will miss the extra hours of daylight.  I guess I’ll make up for it with lots of bonfire nights 🙂

Here is a look back at my goals for last month!

Business Goals (August):

  • Photograph som mother/child portraits in my studio!  I did this and can I say that I’m in love!!  I love photographing babies in my studio and I’d love to do a ton more this fall!
  • Schedule some portraits on the west coast for September!  Done!  I can’t wait to head out west and take some photos!  It’s gonna be beautiful 🙂
  • Finish getting my client guides together.  Not done yet.  I’m about halfway… maybe?
  • Get all my contracts and payments online.  It is so hard to pick a payment/contract/info form system!  Why are they all so complicated, and none of them do everything I want?  Why?

Personal Goals (August):

  • Take time off and have fun day-cations with Ryan!  Ummm… not really.  I think we only took one day off.  Though I took some days off from work we need up finishing a really big yard project.  It looks amazing, but we didn’t get much rest.  This is probably why I love football season so much!  Sunday afternoons during football season are the only time of the year I regularly sit down and take time off.
  • Get the kitchen cabinets up and the wall painted.  Not done, but in progress this week!  Hopefully it will be done really soon!
  • Get the retaining wall up and planted!  So this was that really big yard project that took up all our “days off.”  We started this project a year ago, and while it isn’t 100% done it is close enough for this year.  And it looks great!
  • Go for walks and drink plenty of water.  I don’t’ think I got as much of this done as I want… but this September I sure am drinking enough and eating healthy!

I didn’t get everything done in August, but I feel really good about the progress I’ve made on all of it.  Plus I got my new logo, business cards and website up!  So I’m feeling pretty awesome right now!  I’m sure I”ll be making tweaks to it all for the next month, and blogging about the process so be sure to stay tuned!

Now on to some goals for this month!

Business Goals:

  • Finish working out all the bugs on my new website.  If you find any let me know!
  • Finish putting together my client guides for both weddings and portraits.  I’m super excited about these and I need to get them done for all my inquiries!
  • Get all my contracts and payments online.  Does anyone have a great system they recommend?
  • Take some of my favorite wedding pros out to lunch!  Half way through wedding season I feel like we are all crazy busy and haven’t seen each other in a while (Except at work!)  Let’s take a few hours to relax and say Hi!

Personal Goals:

  • Finish the kitchen.  Not kidding.  This time it’s really gonna happen!
  • Eat healthy… in this case no dairy or grains.  While I can’t prove that I’m allergic to or have any sort of gluten intolerance, I’m starting to truly believe that my body functions better without so much grain and dairy.  Which sadly are by far my two favorite things to eat!  So I’m trying to get myself used to eating less by not eating any of those things for the month… or at least a few weeks.  We’ll see how it goes.
  • Enjoy my time in the Pacific Northwest!  See something new and take some photos just for me 🙂
  • Stop comparing myself to other photographers and feeling worthless or jealous!  OMG this one is so hard, but occasionally I find myself being jealous of what other photographers I know get to do, or how good they are.  It’s hard when you are a bit Type A and always pushing yourself to be better (which means you have to compare yourself to better!)  I want to keep pushing myself, and growing but without the negativity.  I imagine this will be a long process, but I want to celebrate what I am doing and how good I am, rather than being jealous and sad that I’m not doing what that other photographer is (especially when it isn’t even my style!!)  Take note self!

August was a pretty awesome month!  We worked a lot on the yard, planted some plants, built a fence, put a nesting box on the coop, saw Cirque at the National Harbor, took walks to the ice cream place with friends, played in the rain, hung photos in the office and the chickens started laying eggs!!!!!


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