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Yard Projects

While not officially a garden post this week I decided to share the yard work we did this year.  It’s pretty easy to share since we really only did one thing.  It was just a huge project!  We actually started it last September and it took us until this one to finish it!  Phew!  The slope from our neighbor’s fence into our ditch is really steep and we’ve tried mulching it and planting it but everything just continued to erode!  It looked like one day it would end up undermining their fence and that would start to fall into our yard too.  So we decided to be proactive and terrace the slope so that we could plant things and mulch the ground (which with the VA clay always needs it!)  Let me just say that building retaining walls is HARD!  That is really what took us forever!  it would take a full day of work to put in anywhere from 8-15′ of wall. But once that was done it felt sooo good!  Then we added some plants, put down weed block and mulch (and a jute netting to keep it all on the slope in the bottom section)  We also built a fence to keep the chickens in the backyard.  So far everything seems to be working really well!  I love the plants, and the fence.  We are getting weeds on the bottom level where we used a paper weed block (so that the spring bulbs could grow through) but it doesn’t seem to be blocking anything.

Next year the plan is to cut down those tree sized weeds on the house side and plant some more trees and bushes and finish that side of the ditch.  Then it will be finished and fluffy and beautiful.  I can’t wait to see that, but for now I’m thrilled with what we accomplished and am so going to enjoy watching all the plants grow.  🙂

New Fence

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  • October 1, 2014 - 9:17 am

    Henriette - I love seeing the pictures of your yard transformation and reading all the updates!
    Seeing what you have done to your property gives me hope, that one day I too will have a beautiful yard. Without the help from a HGTV crew 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your garden with us!

  • October 1, 2014 - 1:05 pm

    Lelia - Awww thanks Henriette! It can be done without the HGTV crew! It just takes a lot more time and work. I’m so sure the HGTV crew should have come to my yard when I bought the place, but it probably would have overwhelmed even them. :-p

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