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October Goals

I saw a little meme on Facebook this morning that said October is to photographers what April is to accountants.  And it’s true.  October is the busiest month of the year.  Thankfully it is followed by some lighter months so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If I can just make it through this month then everything will be ok!  It’s just a lot to get through!  (And the unexpected addition of Jury Duty starting tomorrow isn’t making things any better.)  But I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade this for anything!  So I’m gonna make some more goals for August and keep on doing my thing!

Here is a look back at last month!

Business Goals (September):

  • Finish working out all the bugs on my new website.  I haven’t heard of any yet, so I think I’m good.  Though if any of you find one please let me know!
  • Finish putting together my client guides.  I’ve gotten these together and they are all ready to email to any inquiries.  It’s so nice!
  • Get all my contracts and payments online.  OMG there are so many different systems and they each have their flaws… I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, but this month is time to make it live.
  • Take some of my favorite wedding pros out to lunch!  I’m so sad this didn’t happen!  But between my west coast trip and playing catch up I haven’t had any time.  I’d say maybe this month, but more likely November!

Personal Goals (September):

  • Finish the kitchen.  Finally did it!!!!  Ok, so we don’t have counter top (I’m just using plywood right now) or a tile backsplash, but the cabinets are all finally installed and a new light has been installed over the sink so I can see when I’m cleaning!  And the walls are all painted.  Finally!  OMG it looks so much better!  Now for a trip to IKEA for a countertop since I can’t afford to replace all the countertops in the kitchen. :-p
  • Eat Healthy!  Mostly this has been going really well!  There have been a few times I ate less than perfectly, but overall I’ve been pretty good.  And that is good enough for me right now!
  • Enjoy my time in the pacific northwest!  Yep!  It was so much fun seeing friends and doing photos out there!  I kept myself really busy, but still had a great time!
  • Stop comparing myself and feeling jealous!  Ooooohhhh… good reminder.  This is a big work in progress.

So on to this month!  My goals for October!

Business Goals:

  • Get an open house for my studio on the calendar!  I really can’t wait to show off my space and invite everyone over for drinks!  I just need to pick a day 🙂
  • Order some sample albums and more prints for the walls of my studio!  I ordered a few prints (and hung) them a month ago, but there are still a lot of spaces I need to hang more!
  • Keep up with editing!  Getting behind on editing this month is horrible because there is no time to catch up!  So I need to keep cranking through and stay on top of things!
  • Submit my weddings!  Submit my weddings to blogs when I’m finished editing them!  When I get behind this is normally the first thing to go, but it’s important that I keep doing it!

Personal Goals:

  • Clean out my garden!  It’s the end of summer and all the weeds and dead summer plants need to be pulled out and it needs to be prepped and ready for spring plantings.  I’d also love to get some garlic planted this fall!
  • Get back into my quilting.  This might be a crazy goal considering I have no free time in October, but I’ve got some quilts I’d love to finish in the next month or two.  So I should just get my sewing machine out and work on it a little when I have a few minutes.  If only the cats didn’t like to mess with my machines and projects so much!
  • Keep cooking and eating healthy!  Fall is the time of year that I love to eat so much fat and sugar and baked everything!  I’m preparing to hibernate through the long winter.  I need to keep trying really hard to eat some vegetables and not just apple pie all month long!
  • Start getting ideas for a vacation next year with Ryan.  Except for a few days we took off during a family trip last year for a solo trip down to Canon beach, OR Ryan and I haven’t been on vacation together since our honeymoon five years ago.  It’s about time we got out there and had a vacation together again!  Where should we go?  Any suggestions?

October is going to be a busy month, but I love it!  I can’t wait to get through this list of goals and wind down all my projects for 2014… and start prepping for 2015!

Here is a look at some of my Instagrams from September… The chickens started laying eggs, We had bonfire night, (at which a frog jumped on Ryan’s head), my new logo and business cards came, Lots of working, and traveling to WA & OR!


And don’t forget that today is the last day to enter all my giveaways from last week!!!  Go back one last time and enter them all!  Day 1: Gift CardsDay 2: Mug & TeaDay 3: NotepadsDay 4: Cookbook and the Big Finale Giveaway: A photo shoot with me!

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