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November Goals

Well it’s officially November… and the sun is setting crazy early!  I have a hard time believing that the days won’t be getting longer for almost two months!  I want the sun back!  On the plus side, when I do have photo session I get home at a reasonable hour since the sun sets so early.  On the down side that means I now have to drive home from sessions in rush hour traffic. :-p

So let’s take a look back at how I did on my goals for October…

Business Goals (October):

  • Get an open house for my studio on the calendar.   I didn’t get this done.  Darn!  I’m thinking December?  I need to pick a date.  (Though I was hoping to do it with my studio mate, and that becomes a WE need to pick a date and that is complicated.)
  • Order some sample albums and prints for the walls.  I haven’t made it to the albums for the year, but I have ordered some new prints for the walls!  And for an open house at East Lynn Farms next weekend!
  • Keep up with editing!  So far so good!  Two weddings and a family session left to go!  (And a few finishing touches on a bunch of galleries going out this week!)  It’s busy but I feel so good knowing I’ve made it through a lot of the work!
  • Submit my weddings!  Nope, not there yet!  I really need to get on it though!  I’d love to have a bunch published to start off the new year!

Personal Goals (October):

  • Clean out my garden!  I got some of the beds cleaned out, and some seedlings planted.  I haven’t made it to all the beds, or planting the garlic yet.  Baby steps.
  • Get back into my quilting!  Yes!  I’ve been doing this on the cold days when I don’t want to go outside and it’s been wonderful!  I’m heading down to Richmond later this week to start the process of quilting all the layers together.  It will probably take me two days to do it but I’m super excited to finish this batch… so I can start some new ones!
  • Keep cooking and eating healthy!  I’m still at it!  So far it’s going well, except when I have to go to an event or meet someone or eat out!  Why is it so hard to get healthy food when I’m not at home!!??  I’ve never thought of myself as allergic to anything but I gain so much weight when I eat just one meal out that my body must be intolerant to something… I just have no idea what.  It’s frustrating.
  • Start getting ideas for a vacation next year with Ryan.  Working on it.  I know his parents will be in Orlando, FL in August so we might head there for a few days.  Maybe go to Disney?  Epcot?  Any suggestions?  I’ve never been!  I’d also really love to take a trip with Ryan to Europe… Italy is calling my name right now. 🙂

Well not too bad, but I’m feeling a little behind on my work goals!  I think I really just need a week off with nothing to do but read books and relax.  Then maybe my brain will be able to focus on the busy busy!

Business Goals:

  • Finish editing all work before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the time with my family!  It’s gonna be tight to get it done but I’m sure I can!
  • Plan an open house for my studio!  Even if it is small I really want to have some people over to check it out and spend some time together and relax after a busy wedding season!
  • Create a massive workflow spreadsheet for all my shoots in 2015.  it’s gonna be big because every project has a lot of steps, but I plan on having even more to do next year and I need to make sure I stay on top of all of it!  So a checklist, while massive, would be helpful!
  • Start thinking of some styled shoots to do in the off season.  It’s the one time of year that there really is enough time to get together and do inventive styled shoots.  The only catch is it’s cold!  But I’d still love to do some!  If you have one and you need a photographer give me a call!

Personal Goals:

  • Find something cute to wear for photos!  Oh gosh!  I’m getting in front of the camera again (with Ryan.)  It’s been two years since the last time we had professional photos taken of us and it’s so past time!  So I need to find cute clothes… and I hate shopping for clothes.  But I can do it!  I have to :-p  Cute clothes = better photos!
  • Keep eating healthy!  Because it’s good for me… but more important because I’m gonna be in front of the camera in three weeks… and I want to look good!
  • Finish a collage of photos for the kitchen.  I’ve got a huge photo frame covering the ugly panel box in the kitchen.  So I’m trying to make a cute collage to go in it. (Since it’s massive and I can’t look at a photos of myself that large)  Ryan has requested that it be photos of the kitties, chickens and garden.  I’m about halfway through and need to find some more photos to finish it.
  • Enjoy spending time with my family for Thanksgiving!  And maybe even take a day off to read and relax!  Maybe go for a hike!  Something fun 🙂

October might have been busy, but looking back at Instagram it sure was fun!  (Follow me @leliamariephoto) I worked on the kitchen, went to the MD Ren Faire, played with the chickens, snuggled the kitties, had Halloween and worked on some quilts!  I loved it 🙂

Instagram October-2_WEB

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    April Curtis - Hi Lelia- We’ve met a few times through Ashley and Josh. I saw Ashley’s pics that you did for her. She also told me about your studio. I want to get pictures of my soon to be

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