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December Goals

It’s officially December and holiday season!  I thought things would die down after Thanksgiving but it turns out that between the last few photos shoots of 2014, the studio open house and all the holiday parties (not to mention all the personal tasks that have to happen during December) I think I’ll be pretty busy!  But I still plan on taking some time to enjoy the holidays and do fun things.  I found a cute little countdown to Christmas tree at Target that has tasks you can assign to each day like “get Christmas tree” “wrap presents” “look at holiday lights” and such.  I am hoping that will remind me to do something fun every day!  or at least most days.

Now to look at my goals from last month!

Business Goals (November):

  • Finish editing all work before Thanksgiving.  Did it!  And then took two days off to cook and spend with family!  Hooray for finishing work!
  • Plan an open house for my studio!  Yep!  There will be an open house Tuesday, December 9th at my studio in Leesburg!  If you didn’t get a Facebook invite and want to come just let me know so I can get you an invite!
  • Creative a massive workflow spreadsheet for all my 2014 photo shoots.  Yep!  I’ve got it done!  Though I might need to add a few columns as I go through 2015 and realized I need to add this or that.  But for now it’s great!
  • Start thinking of some styled shoots to do in the off season.  Oh yeah… I’ve got a bunch of ideas rolling around in my brain.  Now I just need to assemble some teams to do them with me.  Because I’ve got plenty to go around!  Also need some great locations to do them in.  Who wants to do some with me?  Just let me know!!

Personal Goals (November):

  • Find something cute to wear for photos!  Did it!  Though I will say I didn’t end up wearing what I thought I would and (per usual) it took me forever to find an outfit that fit well and looked nice.  It drives me insane and I hate having to spend the time to do it, but I know the photos will be better because of it!  (Keep up with my on Facebook if you want to see how they came out!)
  • Keep eating healthy!  Did it until Thanksgiving.  Once my photos were taken on Tuesday afternoon I gave up the healthy eating for the rest of the week.  And it was really yummy.  🙂  I guess I’ll try to behave in December… so long as there aren’t cookies and egg nog around.
  • Finish a collage of photos for the kitchen.  OMG did I really start this a month ago?  Whoops.  I still need a handful more photos.  It’s a huge collage.  And I am looking fro a few specific ones and I can’t find them.  I think they are on a specific external hard drive up at my office.  I just have to remember to check it one day at work.
  • Enjoy spending time with my family for Thanksgiving.  Yep!  Though next year I think I’d like to take a few days off before Thanksgiving so I don’t start off tired.  :-p  My family is huge and can be exhausting to be around.  But I love them and they are lots of fun!

Not to shabby!  Now on to some goals for December!

Business Goals:

  • Go to some industry holiday parties.  This sounds more like fun than a goal… but in a month of crazy personal prepping (for Christmas) and just being tired at the end of the year I would much rather stay home on the couch than get dressed up and go out.  However, I’d really like to celebrate and meet some new people so it’s a goal for me!  Any good parties I should make sure to attend?
  • Order some sample albums.  Right now all my same albums are from last year, and I’ve got some new beautiful albums offerings now.  I really need to get some albums designed so that I can get the order in and finally have some new albums (in a few months!)
  • Get a styled shoot on the calendar for January.  I’ve got a whole list of ones I’d like to do, and what better way to start the new year?  So I want to get one officially on the books!  Who wants to play with me?
  • Be brave and try crazy  new things at the styled shoots I have in December.  Starting with the one I have today that is 100% not where I would ever, ever photograph.  So I’m going to be brave and crazy and try new things and see what works and what doesn’t.  Hopefully I learn a lot and have fun.

Personal Goals:

  • Try not to get overwhelmed and stressed out by the holidays!  I look at my calendar and see that there is less than three weeks until I will be in another state celebrating Christmas with friends and family.  That means that all my work, obligations and holiday shopping (which I haven’t started yet) have to be done in less than three weeks.  And I don’t even know what I’m getting people!!!!  It would be so easy to be stressed and not enjoy this time of year.  (Which is why I’m a huge fan of moving Christmas to the end of January.)  But since Christmas probably won’t change dates for me, I think I’ll just try to enjoy it!
  • On the note of enjoying things, bake cookies.  It’s been so long since I’ve make cookies at home, since I’m always trying to eat well and so on.  But this December I’d really like to bake some cookies just because.
  • Get all my Christmas shopping done! I know it kinda has to happen, but it’s still a really important task to get done this month!
  • Do something fun!  Go to the DC Holiday market, go ice skating, make a gingerbread house.  Who wants to play with me?

It’s hard to believe that December is here and will be over just as fast!  But I do plan on enjoying every moment of it.  If you want to get together and have fun with me just let me know!

Now a look back at what I did in November (in Instagram photos!  Follow me @LeliaMariePhoto)

We got the counters in the kitchen (finally!), I did a LOT of quilting, Thanksgiving, and spent time with family & the kitties.


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  • December 1, 2014 - 11:23 pm

    Kelly Ewell - Me me me! I’d love to partner up on a style shoot or two. I’ve been itching to do something like that again. Unless of course you were looking for someone other than another photographer! 🙂

  • January 4, 2015 - 9:07 am

    Lelia - Kelly I’d love to partner up with you on a styled shoot! It would be fun!

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