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10 tips for Blogging

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New Year – New Habits – January Blogging

One of my goals for 2015 is to encourage other small business owners.  And to help them make their businesses the best they can be.  So I’ve started a monthly meet up at my studio that will focus on a different aspect each month.  For example, this January the focus was on Blogging.  The idea is to sit down and discuss how to make blogging a part of your business and how to best use it.  Make some goals and then spend the rest of the month actually blogging.  Hopefully by the end of the month you will be on your way to making it a habit!  And just imagine how much better your business will be after 12 months of this!

So as I mentioned this month we talked about Blogging.  It turns out that everyone thinks it is something they should be doing for their business but the biggest hurdels are figuring out what to write and actually doing it!

Here are a few tips for keeping your own blog going!

  • Make sure you don’t set impossible goals!  If you are new to blogging maybe you should start with only one blog post a week.  That way you get in the habit but don’t have to post something every day!  You can always up your blogging to two blog posts a week (or more) as you get used to it and have more content.
  • Remember that quality is better than quantity.  It is better to write one good blog post a week than three pieces without anything important to say.
  • Consistency is really important!  I would recommend blogging at least once a week.  And always post at the same time on the same day if you can.  That way your readers get used to checking your blog, because they know there will be content! (Most blogging platforms, such as WordPress, allow you to schedule your posts.  So once it is written you can tell it when to make it live.  Less work for you!)
  • Keep a balance between personal and business posts.  If you want to share your personal life go for it!  Just remember that this is for your business and there should be more work related posts than cat related posts… unless you work with cats.
  • On that note, keep true to who you are.  If you aren’t the sort of person who shares everything don’t feel like you have to just because other people are doing it!
  • Keep a blogging calendar.  If you sit down at the beginning of every month and write down what you are going to blog and when, then it becomes easier to stick to your blogging.  Having a plan makes it easier when you have to sit down a actually write a post, because now you know what you are writing about!
  • Get together with others and ask them what to write about.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is come up with topics to write about for your own business.  It’s what you do every day so it doesn’t seem interesting.  However if you get together with a group of people who don’t have the same job as you you’d be surprised at all the ideas they can come up with.  All the knowledge that you take for granted would probably be fascinating to your readers!  (Think of all the questions you would love to ask a dress maker or a jeweler or a wedding planner!  Now try to think of all the questions they would have for you!  Or just leave me a comment or send me an email!  I’d love to help you out if you are stuck!)
  • If you can, come up with a series.  That can make it easier to come up with content.  For example my Monthly Goals posts.  I always know that on the first Monday of the month I will be checking in on my goals and making some new ones.  That is one blog post I never have to worry about because I know what to write!
  • Set aside time to blog and make it a priority!  Look at it as another task that has to be done.  It isn’t something that you do if you find the time, trust me, as a small business owner you will never find enough time for it.  If you can, write a few posts at the same time so that you have content for when you get super busy.  Or it can just be convenient to write a few posts for the month all at once rather than having to spend a few separate days writing them.  (For example I pre-blogged this post last week!)
  • Get together with a few other small businesses and hold each other accountable for blogging!  Check in with them, and leave comments when they do blog!  Encouragement goes a long way!

Are there any suggestions I missed?  Anything else you are struggling with in blogging?  Let me know!  And share your blog link in the comments below so I can go check out your progress!

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