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Garden Update – January

Right now the garden is sleeping.  It’s been freezing and snowing and really it’s just a wet muddy mess right now.  Once more I’m sitting and making plans on what to grow this year.  The asparagus, raspberries and artichokes were all planted in previous years and I should be able to harvest from all of them this year!  I’m super excited about all of that.   I kind of love this time of year when I get to dream about what I will be planting and growing!  There is still a lot of work to be done before I start planting.  I need to clean out the dead plants from a few of the beds, and the weeds from a few others.  I have to add a bunch of compost and organic fertilizers to the beds to replenish the nutrients.  Hopefully this will lead to some very happy and plentiful plants.  I also want to raise all of my cold frames.  Though traditionally cold frames are dug into the ground (they way mine are now) so that they retain the warmth from the ground around them, in my yard they just fill with water and become pools.  Nothing can grow in them.  Except maybe rice, but I bet in the dry summer months that would die.  So my only hope is to raise them up above the ground so they can’t flood.  (You can see we already raised one of them.)  I think I’m going to try adding a lot of compost below the topsoil so that as it decomposes it heats up the soil.  Keeping my plants warm in the cold months.  We’ll see if it works!

January Garden

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