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What’s in my Bag?

One of everyone’s favorite questions for me is “what kind of gear do you use?”  I hear it from fellow photographers, engaged couples & guests at the wedding.  So I thought I’d share it all in one big post.  Here is what I bring with me on a typical wedding day.

Think Tank

Think Tank Airport International:  It’s small enough to be carried on the plane on most flights.  This has been with me on planes, trains and automobiles and works really well.  I like that I can wheel it around, because all this gear is heavy!

(2) Canon 5D mkIII:  My favorite camera!  I prefer to shoot with two cameras at the same time on a wedding day so I don’t have to switch lenses as frequently.  Also if (heaven forbid!) one of them broke or malfunctioned, I’ve always got another one on me and ready to go.

Canon 24-70 2.8:  A good standard lens.  Not my favorite, but a workhorse.  I use it during every part of the day.

Canon 70-200 2.8:  My absolute favorite lens!  If I could shoot the whole day on this I just might.  And I frequently do for engagement shoots.  By far the heaviest lens I have to carry but totally worth all the weight.  🙂

Canon 35 2.0:  I always have this lens with me in case I need to switch to something really light at the end of the day (during dancing) or if I’m in a horribly dark room.  But normally I never use it.  It’s slow and noisy and I just don’t like it much.

Canon 50 1.4:  I love this lens!  I typically only use it for detail shots, but it does a beautiful job!

Canon 85 1.8: Another lens I love!  This was the very first prime lens I got (years and years ago) and it is still beautiful.  I go through phases when I don’t use it much and then when I do use it I remember how much I love it.

Canon 100 2.8 Macro:  I typically use this lens for only one shot during a wedding.  The ring shot.  I haven’t found that it does anything else better than the other lenses so I typically use them unless I need a macro.

(4) Canon 600x-rt Flashes:  Yep.  I bring a ton of flashes with me.  I typically use them in dark getting ready rooms and during the reception.  Sometimes I even use all 4 at once. Though I am normally not firing all 4 at once.  I like these ones because the radio transmitters are built in and I can control them from my camera.  It makes changing settings (I use my flashes all in manual) a lot faster!  They were totally worth the upgrade!

So those are the major pieces of equipment in my bag.  I also carry:

  • 3 light stands
  • 1 tripod
  • 2 Fong diffusers for my flashes
  • Color correcting gels for the flashes
  • A bajillion rechargeable batteries for my flashes & two external battery packs for them, one Quantum and one that I can fill with AA batteries.
  • Extra Camera batteries
  • Way too many gigs of CF cards.  Everything I shoot on the wedding day gets recorded to two different cards so that I shouldn’t ever loose any images.
  • Granola bars.  Because sometimes you get really hungry and only have a minute to eat!
  • Printed schedule of the day & pen
  • Ear plugs.  Because omg the music is played so LOUD at weddings! (Most of them anyway) and sometimes the best place for the photo is near the speakers.  And I don’t want to go deaf.

So that is a quick look at what I carry in my wedding bag.  I’m going to talk about how I use each lens in future blog posts so stay tuned!  🙂

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