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February Goals 2015

So much happened in January!  I can just tell that 2015 is off to a great start!  It’s the year of positive thoughts and actions and I’m so excited to see what that creates!

… so let’s look back at my goals for January first!

Business Goals (January):

  • Get sample albums designed and ordered!  I did it!  Yay!  Now I just have to wait for them to arrive…  It’s so hard to decide what photos to use or what cover to pick!  I totally understand how hard it is for couples to make album decisions!  But I am so happy now that they are ordered!
  • Meet with at least one wedding professional a week.  I did this one to!  And I should amend it to read meet with at least one wedding professional One on One!  Because that is what I meant (and what I did) not just in large group meetings.  It takes a ton of time but I love making deeper connections and it is so wonderful to have colleagues that are also friends.
  • Get back into blogging!  Did you notice?  I’m very much back into blogging.  Three times a week in fact!  (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday)  I’m happy with how I’ve done this month.
  • Get my first newsletter out!  I didn’t get it out in January!  But February is a good time to start!  keep an eye in your mailbox for it!

Personal Goals (January):

  • Cook more from scratch.  I’ve been doing this!   Baked some of my favorite loafs of bread ever in my new dutch oven!  Yummy!
  • Raise the cold frames in the Garden.  This has been started but not finished.  Between all the rain and snow this month (and my work on weekends) we just haven’t gotten to it.
  • Get some new music.  I’ve gotten some but I could still use more!  Any suggestions?
  • Finish the binding on my quilt.  Nope I haven’t touched it.  I guess that I’ve been enjoying reading and resting during my time off.

So maybe I didn’t do too well with my personal goals.  But I’m not very upset about that.  And I’ve been doing a great job at work!  So there!

Now to continue the good work and create some goals for February!

Business Goals:

  • Update my website.  I haven’t updated it since it was created this summer.  So it’s time to make sure that my site is saying what I want it to say and that I’ve got more current photos up!
  • Update all my business listings.  You know things like Wedding Wire that I’m not sure I’ve ever updated.  Because I never really look at it.  But my potential clients do… so time to check on it. 🙂
  • Try to sync my social media sites.  Generally they should all have the same profile picture and name… but not all of mine do, since different platforms require different things.  But I’d like to make them a little more similar so it’s obvious that it is me!  I’m also going to create a personal instagram account and separate it from my business so I focus on posting more work on my professional account and less chickens.  (Don’t worry I’ll still post some chickens… just a little less than I do right now!)
  • Keep contacting people I want to get to know and/or work with.  The worst they can say is No.  And while I’ve heard that a number of times, and it still sucks, if I don’t ask it will never happen!  So I want to make an effort to keep reaching out to people so that someone has the chance to say yes to me.   And that goes back to all you people reading this blog.  Please feel free to reach out to me too!

Personal Goals:

  • Get the veggie garden prepped for spring.  This involves taking out all the weeds and dead plants, raising the cold frames, and adding all the soil amendments.  It’s a big task, but hopefully I have enough good weather weekends to get it done.  Since March is booking fast and I’ll need to have a lot done in February to stay on top of it in March & April.
  • Cook more healthy food!  I’ve done a decent job of cooking this month… but I keep cooking some less than great foods.  Time to lay off the sweet breads and make more veggie dishes!  I really want to try cooking some vegetables and meat in my dutch oven.  Any good recipes I should try?
  • Order a book of my Instagram photos from 2014.  I did this last year and loved it.  So I want to make sure I do it again with this years photos.  Otherwise one day they won’t be on my phone anymore and I won’t have them.  Print your photos!  Even if it is just the silly iPhone Instagram ones!
  • Hang some photos in the living room.  This might be a stretch goal for this month.  But I do really want to get some on the walls.  I haven’t yet because I haven’t figured out how I want it arranged.  I think I know where I want one or two (over the TV which then needs to be mounted to the wall) so it’s a big project.  But if I can at least get that wall done I would feel very successful!

Here are some of my Instagram photos from January.  Apparently there are a lot of kitty photos… and less chickens because it is cold and they haven’t been spending a lot of time in the yard!


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