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The Canon 24-70 f/2.8 Lens

I thought I’d go a bit more in depth about what equipment I keep with me in my bag, and I’m starting today with the workhorse 24-70 2.8.  This is not my favorite lens.  I’d rather have a longer lens on if given the chance. I like the way longer lenses flatter people and compress the image.  Some people love this lens and it’s their go to lens.  To each their own.  However, despite it not being my favorite, I use it at every single wedding and it has helped me create some of my favorite images.  It allows me to work in tight spaces and to get views of the whole room in a way that no other lens I own will.  I typically use it when the bride is getting ready, during the ceremony and through the whole reception.  In fact it spends most of the wedding day on my camera.  Here are some examples of photos I took with the 24-70.

Since it is the widest lens I own I frequently use it for photos in tight spaces, or when I want to show a sense of space.



Left: 32mm f/2.8  Right: 28mm f/2.8

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/erin-tom

34mm f/3.2


32mm f/2.8

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/erin-tom

34mm f/5.0


24mm, f/3.5

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/elizabeth-jay

25m, f/2.8

Moving to the mid range 40-50mm I normally like to use this for details, but sometimes it is also useful for portraits and dancing.

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/airlie

48mm f/2.8

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/snow-styled

Left: 57mm, f/2.8  Right: 45mm, f/3.2

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/stoneleigh

Left: 50mm, f/2.8  Right: 57mm, f/2.8

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/rachel-jeremy

40mm, f/2.8

I don’t normally use the 24-70 at 70.  If I want to zoom that much I will probably be using the 70-200.  However if it is the lens I am using because I need a wider angle and it turns out I have enough space to zoom to 70mm I probably will.  (like below when I was in tight spaces, standing on chairs, and during the reception)


Left: 70mm, f/2.8  Right: 70mm, f/2.8

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/erika-rob

Left: 70mm, f/2.8  Right: 70mm, f/3.5

I hope this helps while you are thinking about how you can use a 24-70.  It’s a multi-purpose tool!  Please let me know if you have any more questions about it!  I’d be happy to answer them!

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