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How to use Pinterest when planning your Wedding

Talk to any wedding professional about Pinterest and weddings and you are likely to get an earful.  Personally I love Pinterest.  At least I do in my personal life.  As a wedding photographer… not so much.  Here is the thing about Pinterest.  It is a great place to go to be inspired!  If you are planning a wedding it is the best place to go to figure out what styles you are attracted to.  And it’s fabulous at helping you communicate what you are thinking of.  Since we might not have the same definition for shabby chic (do you mean hay bales and mason jars or lush gardens and chandeliers?)  Creating a Pinterst board that has everything you love the look and feel of allows you to communicate your wedding style with your professionals quickly and easily!  That is awesome.


The problems with Pinterest come in when you want your Pinterest board recreated!  Firstly, most pins on Pinterest are much more expensive that you imagine and you probably don’t have the budget to recreate it all.  But even more so, most wedding professionals are artists.  And we want to create something that is unique to you and your wedding!  We don’t really want to recreate what someone else has already done.  This goes for florists, bakers, planners, photographers.  All of us! Pinterest can be very helpful in describing what kid of flowers you are attracted to.  Are they formal and tight, or a bit more organic and natural?  But Pinterest and photography can be a bit stickier.  Every once in a while a bride will send me a Pinterest board full of photos that she wants me to take at her wedding.  The problem is two fold.  1.  I cannot take a photo of you in a beautiful lavender field (all you pinning brides know which one I’m talking about) because you aren’t getting married at the San Ysidro Ranch in California at that particular time of year.  I just can’t make it happen.  Just like I can’t take that photo in the rain if it isn’t raining… or that golden sunset photo if the sun isn’t shining… or if it is sunny, but the sun won’t set until the middle of your toasts…  I can only work with what we have on the day of your wedding!  Which brings me to part 2.  I want to capture YOUR wedding!  I want to photograph what is natural and honest about you!  If I’m trying to recreate someone else’s moment it won’t be as meaningful to you.  And I might end up missing what is unique to your wedding!

When you get engaged and are trying to communicate your style, please use Pinterest as the wonderful tool it is.  But once you’ve communicated your style to your vendors, Please, Please, leave Pinterest alone.  Trust your wedding professionals to create something beautiful and meaningful to you!  Stop comparing your wedding to others, and enjoy every moment!

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