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March Goals 2015

February flew by!  And with all the snow days (and my husband home) I’m definitely didn’t get as much done as I thought I would.  If only February wasn’t so short!  But of course it does mean we are closer to spring, and wedding season and that is good!  So let’s look at how I did last month on my goals!

Business Goals (February):

  • Update my website.  I’ve started but haven’t finished it all.  Perhaps you’ve noticed the new sticky menu at the top and the slight change in the header/logo section?  Well I love those changes!  Next on the to do list is to add some full wedding galleries!
  • Update all my business listings.  Nope, I haven’t gotten to all that yet.  Topping my to-do list for March!
  • Sync my social media sites so they all look the same.  Trickier said than done.  Since every social media site has a different sized header bar or profile picture.  And of course none of them can be the same ratio either so you have to redesign all of them!  Ugh!  I did it, but it was super frustrating.  Can the next big social media be here already so I can stop trying to keep up with 6 different things?
  • Keep contacting people I want to get to know and/or work with.  Still doing it.  It’s so depressing when people aren’t interested in getting to know you!  But I figure if I ask enough different people then someone will have to say “Yes!  I’d love to grab coffee with you!”  You’d think that in an industry where we all spend a lot of time alone it would be great to get together with new people and make friends and talk through work.  But most small business owners are so swamped with keeping up that they aren’t interested in taking the time.  It’s like a life goal of mine to ALWAYS make the time to meet people!  (So if you are new to this industry or established and want to get together send me a message!)

Personal Goals (February):

  • Get the veggie garden prepped for spring.  Ummmm. Nope.  We finished raising the cold frames, but haven’t been able to prep anything because the ground is frozen and under snow!  I’m so ready for it to warm up so I can clean out the last bit of weeds and add some fabulous soil amendments.  And maybe even get a few seeds in the ground!  But I’ve got to wait for the snow to melt first!
  • Cook more healthy food.  I haven’t been doing a great job of this one either.  I need to keep at it.  It’s just that I’ve made networking and spending time with people more of a priority this year.  And if I’m doing that, then I just can’t worry about what I’m eating.  Because then I’ll be constantly stressing that I’m not eating as healthy as I should!  Still trying to find a balance between healthy eating and relationships!  Let me know if you have any tips!
  • Order a book of my Instagram photos from 2014.  I did it!  So cute!  And so much fun to look at and see what everyday life was like last year 🙂
  • Hang some photos in the living room.  Still no, but I’m hoping we might get to it this weekend!

I’ve been making goals every month for the last few years, and while I don’t always get them all done, it is amazing how much sitting and thinking about your goals for the month ahead really helps you focus your time and energy into the things that are important to you!  It’s also nice to check back in on the last month and remember what you meat to do, and catch up if you can.  I highly encourage everyone to start doing it!  Now on to make some more goals for March!

Business Goals:

  • Finish updating the website!
  • Update all my business listings.
  • Host a get together for new wedding professionals!  I’m a big supporter of supporting and creating community in the wedding industry.  So I’d love to host a get together for anyone who wants to come and talk about making things work.  It’s still a little vague in my head, but as soon as I get all the details I’ll be putting it out on social media!  So make sure you follow me!
  • Find new ways of connoting with my followers!  Facebook just isn’t sharing what I post anymore, so I’m trying to keep up via Google+, Instagram & a newsletter.  But it’s all new and takes a lot of effort to remember!

Personal Goals:

  • Start working on vacation plans!
  • Prep the veggie garden for spring.  And maybe the herb beds too if I’m feeling ambitious and the weather cooperates.
  • Take spring break off and spend time with my husband!  It’s the last time we will both have time off from work until August!  Maybe one day we can go for a hike or head into DC and walk the mall!
  • Eat healthier!  Less sugar and grains and more veggies!  LOTS more veggies!  As much as it feels like winter now and all I want to do is eat bread and pie, summer is coming… and I want to wear a bathing suit at the pool this summer! 🙂  Think warm thoughts!

In case you didn’t notice, I created a personal Instagram account so that my business account isn’t spammed with photos of my cats, chickens and yard work.  Follow my business at LeliaMariePhoto and my yard work at LeliaOutdoors.  Here are some photos of my personal life this month.  Looking at these I’m so surprised that there we got the chance to work in the yard.  It feels like it’s been under snow for weeks!!!!  I really look forward to getting back out in the yard again!

Instagram February-106

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