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Pinterest for Businesses

New Year – New Habit – Pinterest

So far this year we’ve talked about how to keep up on blogging and how to use Facebook. This month I’m talking about how to use Pinterest as a business! Here are a few things I think you should know (and be doing.)


  • Verify your profile/website.  When you add your website to your Pinterest profile you have the option to verify that you are the owner of the website.  Do it!  And once you’ve done that you will have the option to make your Pinterest page a business one.  You don’t have to do this, but the analytics reports that come along with the business page are awesome!
  • Use location keywords.  Instead of “Wedding Florist” say “Virginia Beach Wedding Florist”
  • Use through descriptions on each board.  Once you create a board and title it, there is that space below the title for a description of the board.  Use it!  Write a full sentence or two on what you plan to post in the board.
  • Place your strongest boards top & center.  Did you know that you can move your boards around?  You can!  Make sure that your best and most popular boards are at the top where people will see them first!
  • On that note, did you know you can change which photo is your boards cover photo?  Do that to all your boards so that when someone comes to your page there is a cohesive look that represents your brand.
  • Pin both your own work and other peoples’ pins.  Just don’t claim other’s work as your own.  Sometimes it’s handy to make a board that is specifically your work and then mix and match in you other inspirational boards.
  • Be active frequently.  But don’t do too much at once or it will end up frustrating people who follow you!
  • Use sentences in pin descriptions, not just keywords.  Pinterest algorithms like full sentences.  So use them.  (Also, hashtags are not necessary to keyword.)
  • Have at least 10 photos in each board.  You can always start them off as a “Secret” board and then make them public when you have enough photos.
  • Every so often go through and clean up your account.  Make sure everything is organized and showing the way you want it.  And if there is a board that you never use, get rid of it!

Personally, I find that the easiest way for me to use Pinterest for my own work is to add a plugin to my blog so that I can pin the photos straight from my blog.  And I make it part of my workflow on a given event.  (As opposed to most social media which is on a daily calendar) So once the wedding is all done and blogged the next things I have to do is pin it to Pinterest.

I hope this helps you understand and get started with Pinterest!  It really is a fun platform 🙂 And if you aren’t already come follow me on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/leliamariephoto

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