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April Goals 2015

March has flown past… but I’m kind of excited because it means April is here and we get to leave the cold, snow & ice behind us!  Right?  I’m not at all ready for the heat of summer.  I Love spring!  And I want it to last as long as possible!  Last week was spring break and I took it off to spend some time with my husband (last time off until August!) and get a ton of yard work done.  But now it’s back to work so I should look at my monthly goals and see how I did!

Business Goals (March):

  • Finish updating the website.  Nope, I didn’t get this done.  I still need to add a few new wedding galleries.
  • Update all my business listings.  I didn’t get this one done either.  Whoops.  There are so many out there!  Ok… this will still be a goal for April.
  • Host a get together for wedding professionals.  Yes!  I’ve done a few of these and will continue to do more!  I love learning and helping other small business owners so this will never stop!  If you are interested in any let me know and I’ll make sure you get an invite!
  • Find new ways of connecting with my followers.  I’ve been working on this, but it’s still tricky.  I’m on a ton of different social media sites, but not using all of them that much.  Some are totally new and I haven’t quite figured out how. Mostly I use Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.  Is that enough for you yet?  The best way to keep up with me is probably my blog!  But some combination of the above sites should work too!

Personal Goals (March):

  • Start working on vacation plans.  I just don’t even know where to start here!  I’m not really a city person… or heat person.. so Orlando in August is hard for me to get excited about.  Any suggestions of places I’d love to visit while I’m there?  Any friends I can see?  (I know a few of you I’m going to have to make time for!)  I’d love some advice.  The more specific the better, just saying Disney is apparently a huge understatement!  They have like three different parks or something!
  • Prep the veggie garden for spring.  Done!  It finally isn’t frosting anymore so my spring plants are all in the ground and ready to grow!  Now to keep summer from coming too early so they can all grow before the heat kills them!
  • Take spring break off.  Done!  Or at least off from photography work.  The yard work took up all my time instead!  And I loved every minute of it!
  • Eat healthier!  A little better.  Especially when I got to eat the spinach from my garden.  I’m pretty sure having my garden grow and the CSA start will help with this a lot.  Grow garden, grow!

Not too bad!  I made it about halfway there.  At the rate at which time speeds up as we get older I’m thinking focus and productivity in shorter amounts of time must become really important!  🙂  Now to make some goals for April.

Business Goals:

  • Get it all done!  Can that be an actual goal?  I’d like to accomplish more work in less time.  Setting schedules, to-do lists and staying focused make a huge difference.  So let’s make that happen this month!
  • Update the website and my business listings.  Didn’t get it done in March and I needs to happen!
  • Take some photos with the cherry blossoms.  Or really any of the flowering trees.  It doesn’t have to be the cherries!  But I’d love to do a photo shoot embracing spring.  Just out to the west where there are fewer crowds (not DC).  Any models interested?
  • Get out and visit some new venues/wedding pros!  I’d love to meet some wedding professionals I’ve never met before, or go out for coffee with ones that I’ve only met once or twice!  And there are a ton of wedding venues I’ve never been to that I’d love to check out!

Personal Goals:

  • Finish the herb beds.  They are almost entirely planted.  I’m just waiting for one more plant to come in!
  • If the weather gets nice enough finish the last three beds in the vegetable garden and plant the tomatoes and peppers.  But they like hot weather so it might not get warm enough in April!
  • Keep going on walks!  It’s so good for me and it’s nice to take the time.  Especially in spring when the weather is perfect.
  • Weed/plant the garden on the side of the house.  It’s the one spot we are dealign with this spring and hopefully we can get it done in April.  That should finish the mulch pile that is still sitting in the driveway.  Woo hoo!

Here is a look back on some of my Instagram photos from March.  Based on all the snow pictures I’m even happier that spring is finally here!  With the beautiful weather this past week I almost forgot how much winter we had!


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