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October Goals

Oh my gosh another month has flown by and I missed getting this up at the beginning of October!  I was a bit busy with weddings and such, so better late than never!  Let’s look back at September and see how much I did!

Business Goals (September):

  • Get back to blogging!  I may not have done as well at blogging as I meant to (evidence this one being late) but I’ve been getting some up so I’m thrilled with that!
  • Use Co-Schedule more and stay off of social media.  I don’t know that I stayed off social media… but I was on it less, and I stressed out about being on it less.  And that is wonderful!  I love keeping in touch with everyone and sharing what I do.  but honestly, it’s overwhelming and to stay sane I’d much rather share via my blog than 4 different social media platforms.
  • Submit my weddings for publication.  I did!  Or at least I did for some of them.  I haven’t made it through all the ones I want to submit.  And I haven’t heard back from everyone, but some should be published soon!  I’ll let you know as soon as it happens!
  • Remind everyone to book sessions for October!  Yes I did!  I hope everyone got the memo, because It’s October already!  And I’m going to need the beginning of November to finish editing and clearing off my to-do list.  I’m so close to maternity leave and it’s really hard to believe!  Wow!  So excited for the family sessions I do have coming up though!

Personal Goals (September):

  • Get a dresser for the nursery!  Yes!  It’s a simple Ikea one, and larger than I orginally wanted, but it will hold everything!  And it was affordable… so it won.  Phew.  Furniture is all done!  (Or at least in the nursery!)
  • Find something to wear for my photo session!  Since that already happened I’ll say I found something.  It wasn’t easy.  I always have a hard time finding clothes that fit and while pregnant it’s been even harder.  but I did it, and I can’t wait to see the photos!
  • Finish my quilt tops.  Nope.  I haven’t even touched anything sewing related… except for altering clothes to fit and trying to make others.  But nothing quilt or baby related.  Yet.  Hopefully by the end of October!
  • Clean out the garden and get spinach and garlic planted.  Nope again.  I’ve been letting the chickens in to help me “clean” it… but I haven’t gotten everything out, nor have I planted anything.  Oh well.  I’ve been busy!

Hey I may not have gotten my whole list done, but I’m doing well getting work done and so that is all ok!  Now to look at what I hope to accomplish in the last few weeks this month!

Business Goals:

  • Finish editing my last weddings and family photo shoots!  I want them all done and to clients by November!
  • Submit my remaining weddings for publication.
  • Pull my favorite wedding photos into a folder so I have easy access to them for future projects and updating my website and such!
  • Keep focusing on blogging instead of social media.

Personal Goals:

  • Clean out garden.  (I’m not even going to worry about planting anything… just get it cleaned and ready for winter/spring)
  • Start organizing nursery (i.e. figuring out where on earth things are going to go, and starting putting shelves in closet… or whatever it needs to be organized)
  • Make crib skirt/bumper/curtains/recover rocking chair.  Ok that is a lot.  but I really need to get on the decor of the nursery and it all revolves around getting the fabric pieces made and in.  So I need to get that done!
  • Finish painting/caulking the new door in the kitchen.  So that the kitchen is done and back together!

We are already a week into October, but I still think I can make all this happen!  Go goals!  What are you planning this month?

Looking back on my Instagram photos it looks like we had fun last month!  Got a lot of things fixed in the house and apparently I baked a lot… a trend I plan on continuing this month 🙂

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