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November Goals

Happy November!  It’s a pretty exciting month for me.  I know that our baby is officially due in December, but our due date is less than 5 weeks away now.  He only has to be a few days early to be born this month.  Woah!  When did that happen?  Time suddenly feels like it is flying!  I still don’t feel like I am “nesting” as it isn’t a compulsion… but when I look at a calendar I feel like I really need to finish everything!  Thankfully I’ve finished all of my weddings, family shoots and editing.  Now I just need to finish all the end of year work (submitting to blogs, paperwork, last minute details, prep for next year, clients gifts, ect…)  I’m hoping to have that all done in the next week/week and a half but realistically we will see.  So let’s look back at what I did last month…

Business Goals (October):

  • Finish editing all my weddings and family sessions.   Done!  Yay!  It feels so good to have that all out to my clients!
  • Submit my remaining weddings for publication.  Nope, didn’t get to this… hopefully this month!
  • Pull my favorite wedding images into a folder for future use and ease of access.    I didn’t get to this goal either, but it is still one I should do.
  • Keep focusing on blogging instead of social media.  Goal accomplished!  Though I am hoping to make a bit of a comeback on Instagram soon.

Personal Goals (October):

  • Clean out garden.  Yep!  Got it cleaned out.  There are probably a handful of weed that the chickens haven’t gotten that I should go in and pick out, but mostly it is all ready for winter.
  • Start organizing nursery.  Yes!  It’s started.  Not finished but getting there.  And I like the way it is turning out!
  • Make crib skirt/bumper/curtains/recover rocking chair.  Yes and no.  I’ve made the crib skirt, one bumper (the second one is almost done) bought curtains I like (yay!) and won’t be attempting to recover the rocking chair.  Though I would like to find a pillow or throw to put on it to cover up the fact that it is a pretty ugly shade of beige (but it was second hand and really nice.)  But overall I’m happy with that!
  • Finish painting/caulking the new door in the kitchen.  Done!  Was that really only last month we finished it?  Wow.  I love it!

So… maybe I didn’t get everything done, but considering that I had family in town for a week and my car has been broken for the last two weeks I’m feeling pretty darn good about how much I did manage to get done.   Now for some November goals…

Business Goals:

  • Submit my remaining weddings for publication.
  • Get all my accounting together for end of year taxes and such.
  • Pull my favorite wedding images into a folder to have for future projects.
  • Get client gifts together and in the mail! (It’s a surprise, but they are coming!)

Personal Goals:

  • Finish what I can in the nursery.  There is a whole lot to this one, since I’d like to get some things up on the wall (but I’m not sure what yet) finish organizing everything and putting things away.
  • Get the last things that I need before baby arrives!  There aren’t that many but there are a handful of things that I do need to pick up before he gets here.
  • Pick/design a Christmas card/baby announcement.  I’d really like to have our Christmas card (which this year is probably going to be more of a baby announcement) chosen and designed before baby comes so that all I have to do after he gets here is pick a favorite photo and add it.  Normally I make them all myself, but this year I’m thinking about using something like Minted and taking advantage of having them mail them all for me.  Wouldn’t that be helpful?
  • Fill out the baby book.  There are some things we are supposed to write in it before he comes.  And I’m horrible at writing so I’ve been avoiding it, but I really want this to be special and I know I’ll treasure it later in life, so we need to sit down and do it.
  • Order photos for my walls!  I know I don’t normally add a 5th to do to my list, but I’ve got frames that I want to fill with photos before the baby comes.  I’m just waiting to get my maternity photos so I can add some of them to the order.  Yay!

That should keep me really busy!  I’m trying not to overwhelm myself, and I know I’m moving slower than normal, but this is the list of things that I really feel I need to get done before baby.  So I’d like them all to be done in the next two weeks, but realistically it might take me until Thanksgiving.  Either way I’m taking December off for snuggles!

Anything else you think I’m missing?  What are you up to this month?

Here is a quick look back at my month via Instagram.  It was a lot of fun with friends, baby showers, pumpkin carving and house work!


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