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Baby Conor Two Months Old!

Time continues to fly and my baby boy turned two months old on Valentines day!  So we celebrated by heading up to my studio to do some photos.  Sadly Conor, wasn’t that into it, but we did get some good shots anyway.  This was also the day that Conor discovered his feet so there are a lot of photos of him staring very intently at his feet 🙂  It’s hilarious, especially because he can’t grab them yet, all he can do is stare at them.  I love all his baby rolls and wanted to make sure to get them in photos this month because I hadn’t yet!

Conor Two Months Old Blog 1

All the tiny baby bits I love so much.

Conor Two Months Old Blog 2

Already working on standing.  (He loves it and gets upset when we don’t hold him so he can practice)

Conor Two Months Old Blog 3

This photo just makes me laugh.  I wonder what they were talking about.

Conor Two Months Old Blog 4

Of course I got in front of the camera for a few too.

Conor Two Months Old Blog 5

It looks like Conor is laughing in this photo.  He isn’t yet, but I’m sure he will be soon.  I can’t wait!

Conor Two Months Old Blog 6

More of my favorite baby details.  Love!

Conor Two Months Old Blog 7

And one more of Conor and his feet.

Conor Two Months Old Blog 8

I didn’t think my baby could get much cuter or I could love him more, but it turns out that he just keeps getting cuter every month and while I am surprised at how fast everything is happening and I wish I could slow things down so he didn’t grow too fast I love watching him learn and master things.  It’s amazing how different he is every week.  Just incredible!


p.s. if you know anyone who is having a baby (or already has one!)  I’d love to have them in my studio to capture photos like this for them before their baby grows up!  So please share my info!

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