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As a wedding photographer who specializes in outdoor weddings I love finding new venues that have spectacular grounds!  When I was first invited out to Historic Rockland I fell in love.  I could photograph at Rockland every weekend and never be bored.  There is always some new hidden nook that is beautiful.  If you didn’t see photos from the first shoot I did there please go check them out here, I am still in love with that photo shoot.  And since I had such a fun time I decided to do another shoot at Rockland just to see how the grounds changed later in spring, and because I really wanted to see the dogwoods in bloom.  Sadly the dogwoods didn’t bloom very well this year (probably due to the really late frost after everything started budding) but the grounds did not disappoint!  I didn’t use any of the spots I used last time and there are still places I haven’t been.  I’m in love with this Leesburg venue!  Also a huge thanks to Laura from Buttercups Floral Design for the stunning flowers she created just for this shoot.  Everything you see she grew on her farm just outside of Waterford, VA.  If you want beautiful, unique, local flowers you HAVE to talk to her!  That bright pink bouquet is made up of tulips!  How awesome!  I also have to thank Blush Bridal in Haymarket for the lovely dresses, and my models for being willing to play dress up with me!  If you are looking for the perfect outdoor wedding venue near Leesburg, VA you have to check this out.
Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 1Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 2Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 3Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 4Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 5Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 6Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 7Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 8Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 9Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 10Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 11Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 12Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 13Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 14Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 15Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 16Leesburg Wedding Venue Rockland 17

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My baby just turned four months old!  For once I’m not surprised that he is older… but I am surprised at how grown up he seems.  I swear he looks like a toddler to me.  (I know, I know he isn’t even close yet!)  I feel like 3-4 months was my favorite month!  He learned so much this month and it was so much fun to watch.  He started rolling over all the time and trying got crawl (though it will be a long while before he can.)  I can’t wait for him to be even more mobile.  It’s gonna be fun to chase him around the house!  Here are a few of my favorite from our quick four month photo shoot in my studio. (Thanks to Ryan for making sure that I get in some of these photos!)

Four Months Old Studio Baby 1

We are all about chewing on our fingers this month.  Yay teething…

Four Months Old Studio Baby 2Four Months Old Studio Baby 3Four Months Old Studio Baby 4

Sophie is the best toy to chew on… there is just something about that giraffe.  As any parent can tell you.

Four Months Old Studio Baby 5Four Months Old Studio Baby 6

Playtime with daddy!

Four Months Old Studio Baby 7Four Months Old Studio Baby 8

He LOVES his book.  He was pretty cranky through this photo shoot, but the second I pulled out this book he started grinning!  I just love that.

Four Months Old Studio Baby 9

I can’t wait to see what he learns this month!

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Time continues to fly by!  My baby is now three months old!!!  (Well three and a half by now…) And I have to say three months is a pretty awesome month!  The biggest difference I noticed in these photos are that he is starting to get expressions!  It’s hilarious and I can’t wait for more and to see how his personality develops.

Leesburg Baby Photographer 1Leesburg Baby Photographer 2Leesburg Baby Photographer 3Leesburg Baby Photographer 4Leesburg Baby Photographer 7Leesburg Baby Photographer 6Leesburg Baby Photographer 5Leesburg Baby Photographer 8Leesburg Baby Photographer 9Leesburg Baby Photographer 10

He grows up so fast and I kinda want to slow it down… but then again it’s so much fun watching him learn.  I am so excited each time he grows and figures things out!  I really should share some of the photos I’ve taken of him during the month (instead of just the studio day in these posts.)  Maybe I’ll do one soon.  Though it would be a pretty big post!  🙂

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A few weeks ago I got invited to be a part of a styled shoot at a new wedding venue just outside of Leesburg, VA.  As a Leesburg wedding photographer I get to see a lot of the venues in the area but this one completely captured my heart!  I’m in love with this place and If I could shoot there every month I’d be thrilled!  There are so many beautiful nooks that are great for photos and I only got to a fraction of them.  I’m dying to go back!  (Seriously someone book this venue and hire me!)  So here are some of my favorite photos from that styled shoot at Historic Rockland.

Leesburg Wedding Photographer 1Leesburg Wedding Photographer 2Leesburg Wedding Photographer 3Leesburg Wedding Photographer 4Leesburg Wedding Photographer 5Leesburg Wedding Photographer 6Leesburg Wedding Photographer 7Leesburg Wedding Photographer 8Leesburg Wedding Photographer 9Leesburg Wedding Photographer 10Leesburg Wedding Photographer 11Leesburg Wedding Photographer 12Leesburg Wedding Photographer 13Leesburg Wedding Photographer 14Leesburg Wedding Photographer 15Leesburg Wedding Photographer 16Leesburg Wedding Photographer 17

Beautiful right?  If you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue I highly recommend that you go check them out!

Planner: Simplicity Events by Johanna  http://www.johannagoossens.com
Florist: Buttercups Floral  http://www.mybuttercups.com
Hair/Makeup: Enlightened Styles  http://enlightenedstyles.com
Dress: The Valley Bride  http://thevalleybride.com
Hairpieces: Ann Leslie Designs  http://annlesliedesigns.com
Cake: Gateau  http://1gateau.com
Stationary: Staccato Stationery  http://www.weddinginvitationsbystaccato.com
Linens: Everything Linen  http://everything-linen.strikingly.com
Jewelry: Hunt Country Jewelers  http://www.huntcountry.com
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As a baby photographer in Leesburg, VA I get to see a fair number of babies!  I love them all, but there is a special place in my heart for the ones that are sitting up on their own, but can’t yet crawl (get away.)  And at 8 months old baby Oliver was one of those babies!  They are so much fun to play with!  I’m so glad Kara brought him into my studio so that we could get these photos!  I’m sure it won’t be long before he is crawling and then walking…

Leesburg Baby Photographer 1Leesburg Baby Photographer 2Leesburg Baby Photographer 3Leesburg Baby Photographer 4Leesburg Baby Photographer 5Leesburg Baby Photographer 6Leesburg Baby Photographer 7Leesburg Baby Photographer 8

It is amazing how fast babies grown and how time flies!  I’m love getting to capture these precious moments for mamas!

If you know anyone who has or is about to have a baby please refer them my way!  I’d love to photograph their family too!

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  • April 24, 2016 - 7:38 pm

    Nataly Danilova - Baby is so cudie! Love all you photos. They are so natural and amazing. Thanks for sharing!