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Category Archives: Garden

Exciting News!

I got back in front of the camera the other day to have photos done of Ryan and I in our garden.  We’ve beenView full post »

Garden Fence

This week for spring break I’ve been spending a ton of time working on my vegetable garden trying to getView full post »

Winter Chickens

Well the garden is still under snow… and it’s snowing again right now.  Which means I don’t have anythingView full post »

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February Garden Update

Just when I am ready for spring winter finally comes!  The garden is buried in snow right now and all of my plans areView full post »

Garden Update – January

Right now the garden is sleeping.  It’s been freezing and snowing and really it’s just a wet muddy messView full post »

Fall Chickens

So I have a confession… I haven’t decorated my house for the holidays…. but I have decorated my chicken coop.View full post »

Winter Garden

It’s fall… rather late in fall, and I’ve finally been prepping my garden for winter.  My busiest times ofView full post »

Yard Projects

While not officially a garden post this week I decided to share the yard work we did this year.  It’s pretty easyView full post »

Fresh Eggs!

The chickens are finally laying eggs!  We knew it should happen in September, and it finally did!  I think we got ourView full post »

Purple Asparagus

Asparagus Jungle

You aren’t supposed to harvest asparagus the first year that it grows so I’ve been patient and let it doView full post »


Last year I planted some raspberry bushes in my garden, but not much happened.  I think we got a few berries, but notView full post »

Hummingbird Moth

Once we rid the yard of all the trash and poison ivy (mostly… it still pops up here and there) my goal became to fillView full post »

Hot Peppers and the Squirrels

I’ve never done very well at growing bell peppers.  They never survive past green, and I like to eat mineView full post »


It’s been a while since I’ve shared any photos of my chickens with you.  If you follow me on InstagramView full post »

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Japanese Beetles

Sometimes you plant your plants and do everything you can to take care of them only to have bugs come through one dayView full post »