I love to go on adventures. I relish deep conversations and genuine human connection. To be able to witness love every day is pretty awesome, always meeting new people and being invited in to see a snapshot of their lives. It’s not the polished type of love, those moments created with a mantelpiece in mind. This is about a deeper truth. An honest, authentic and often raw emotional connection where I get to capture the real moments: the stolen glances, her nervous look at her father right before she steps onto the aisle, his youth and innocence as he squeals when the cold sprinkler drenches him, the privacy of those early days cradling your newborn… it’s such a privilege to be a part of these. Real moments, real meaning, real memories – because these are the things you’ll look back on fondly in years to come.

All of my collections come with an album or print. There’s nothing like the tangibility of your photographs when you hold them and that moment comes flooding back. These pictures are a physical memory, reminding you of how you truly lived and loved – they create your legacy. I love it because it’s organic, heartfelt and authentic. It’s not about being perfect for the camera, it’s about being present. Showing up and being you, staying true. It’s that imperfection that makes for a picture with meaning. And that can’t be captured in a pretty staged family picture, this teaches you to sit still, I encourage you to run free.